Top 3 factors while choosing an SMPP service provider


Top 3 factors while choosing an SMPP service provider

Have you ever wondered how giant business units interact with their business audiences? Are you inquisitive to know the best business communication technique for your organization? If yes, then you shall be glad to be acquainted with the idea of using bulk SMS services via SMPP client panel. With the above-mentioned marketing technique, business units across the globe are interacting with their target audience and achieving great success heights. Adding further, in accord to your inquisitiveness you as a business can harness the power of bulk messaging for your organization too!

SMPP protocol is a blessing to the business industry in the 21st century. Today, every business owns a great number of the target audience and acquaintance to which it must interact regularly. SMPP services enable the business to establish this interaction with the help of SMS communication.

Generally used acronym for Short Messaging Peer to peer, SMPP is an open-source, industry-standard protocol used in the telecommunication sector. This level 7 TCP/IP protocol enables the transmission of high volume SMS traffic between external messaging entities and SMPP servers. In simple dialect, SMPP is the modern-day messaging protocol used for exchanging SMS messages over the internet. On the ground level, by using the messaging services provided by SMPP service provider you can harness the perks of this protocol for your business unit.

Knowing the SMPP service provider

Using bulk SMS services via SMPP solution is an effective and business-friendly marketing campaign, provided you have the support of best in a class service providers. Just as the name suggests, these service providers allure the business units with a complete setup of bulk messaging and required infrastructure to send and receive mass SMS via SMPP protocol.

There are several SMPP service providers in India. However, choosing a reliable name can be a tough activity. To make this activity fairly easy and yet hand picks the best in class service provider, it is suggested to assess any SMPP service provider on the below 3 pointers.

  • Fast and responsive message delivery

The factor of fast message delivery proves to be the primal factor while considering any service provider. SMS communication is widely used in the marketing industry due to its quick delivery and easily connect. In the technological era we live in, the majority of business audience use mobile phones and smart devices. Therefore, organizations can promptly send them business SMS without any platform hindrance.

With the feature of fast messaging, the business can address tens of millions of target audiences simultaneously and spread the business word without any delay. Top SMPP protocol providers such as MsgClub use level 7 TCP/IP internet protocol of SMS transmission. The use of such a powerful and structured internet protocol makes bulk messaging quick and effortless. As a result, the business acquires the power to connect with millions of end-users within a few seconds.

  • Powerful SMPP gateway

When talking about SMPP services, SMPP gateway is bestowed to steer numerous responsibilities. Ranging from message reception from endpoints to internal routing and deliveries, the gateway must handle all. Therefore it is highly recommended to choose a service provider that offers a powerful SMS gateway.

Speaking in technical terms, an SMPP gateway is the central infrastructural entity that connects the business unit or ESME (external messaging source) with the SMPP network. The gateway further act as the channel that transmits messages received from the ESME and navigates it to the destination. This action of SMS navigation is known as message routing. Each message is tagged with the source and destination ports. The gateway decodes this port information and accordingly navigates the SMS to the destination.

Here, it is worth noting that there are millions of incoming and outgoing messages which must be handled by the gateway. Taking numbers into factor, a powerful SMPP gateway can Trans-receive 500-800 messages per second without any system overloading. This figure can further vary depending upon the associated protocols used.

  • Ready to use the SMPP client panel

One of the profound purposes of using SMPP service is to save business efforts and time. To facilitate this purpose, you must opt for a service provider that can offer you a ready to use SMPP client panel.

SMPP client panel is a system application that gives your business access to the vast world of bulk messaging. Only by using this panel, you can view the SMS delivery reports, send bulk messages and manage other associated activities. Therefore, it shall not be wrong to comment that with a user-friendly SMPP client system you can easily manage your bulk SMS campaign. SMPP service providers like MsgClub offer plenty of client panels that are not only user-friendly but also highly responsive. These panels are constructed on the concept of plug-and-play, therefore can be quickly installed and used with the majority of business applications and systems. 

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