A Smart Guide On Voice Marketing To Boost Productivity In 2022


Marketing on voice is one of the latest trending features. From the development of podcasts to the Clubhouse boom, businesses and influencers are using audio content to link up with their communities and reach new audiences. This guest post article will explain the different types of voice marketing and how you can use them to develop your brand online.

Basics Of Voice Marketing

Voice marketing is a perfect method for businesses, brands, and influencers to reach out among their potential audiences through live or pre-recorded audio content. Radio is the actual type of voice marketing, but audio content has accelerated during recent years. Over 55% of people in the US listen to a podcast, and 24% listen to different podcasts every week. Moreover, prediction reports that voice-based AI assistance on the advanced features among eight billion users within 2023. Furthermore, voice marketing performs it simply to provide your followers on the go.

Based on the study, podcast listeners locating into the following:

  • 64% of people listen while driving.
  • 49% of hearing while walking over or on foot, and
  • 43% listen to while practicing exercise.

However, it is a win-win result as brands can reach out to audiences directly and effectively, and audiences can multi-task while gathering fascinating content. Voice marketing makes a personal connection between your brands and target audiences. Moreover, start to buy tiktok views on trollishly that expands your brand reach among your prospective audiences.

Pro Tip: Voice marketing can make accessibility challenges for people who are Deaf or have a hearing inability. Offer a transcript within your audio content to make it easier for the audiences to enjoy.

Voice Marketing Trends

In recent times, voice marketing is a new source of platforms where we can experience audio-only social media platforms that gain real push. There are three biggest voice marketing trends to take note of right now:

  • Podcasts
  • Voice Assistants

1. Podcasts

Be it business ideas, crime shows, or reality TV reviews; there are podcasts concepts for everyone. There are about 155 million users who listen to a podcast every week, where listeners use an average of seven unique shows every week. Indeed, the total podcast audience expects to double up their size from 2020 to 2023. Thus now is the best time to get into action. There are some of the methods involved in the podcasts:

Generate a Branded Podcast

Start to use branded podcasts because they are perfect podcasts that are hosted by a brand or business. It can be closely relevant for your brand or service or click into the broader themes that organize your brand values. For instance, Sephora receives a branded podcast known as #LIPSTORIES, a series of entertaining, delightful, and honest chats about self-image. In the meantime, here at Trollishly, you can increase your website traffic for your brands using branded podcasts options. These branded podcasts can be a customizable method to reach and connect with audiences and followers immediately. Mostly, followers experience intimate chats among their peers and friends.

For business brands and creators, branded podcasts utilize already existing content themes or sort out completely newer ones.

Pro Tip: Influence your already existing platforms to develop your audiences. Consistently advertise your podcast on Instagram and motivate your followers to subscribe wherever they can hear their favorite podcasts.

2. Voice Assistants

Artificial Intelligence (AI) that works by voice, then plans to work on Alexa, Google Assistant, and Echo, which have become essential among the users and followers over the last few years. Voice assistants can make purchasing simpler for audiences, with 35% of voice assistant users purchasing goods like markets and clothes with the technology. Anyhow, there are innovative methods to influence the tool over ordering your household products. Here at Trollishly, you can elevate your business marketing to reach new and existing customers. For example, Jameson, a whiskey brand, crafted a holiday campaign that influenced the Google Gome and Google Assistant apps to support users combining their desired cocktails. They also made a Google Home skill so when users prompt Google to “talk to The Jameson Bar,” the voice assistant needs to reply using step-by-step instructions for recipes.

Based on the marketing concepts, this works on several levels. The voice assistant offers a helpful hands-free remedy for home entertainment, meanwhile also developing brand awareness and motivating product sales.

Final Takeaways

Voice marketing gains visibility, and as technology resumes to expand, people recognize new methods to use the content instantly. We possibly need to look for even more chances and development. However, there are preferable chances to develop your community with your business size and niche and generate sales with this type of marketing.


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