She Shines 2019 – An All Women Conference


She Shines 2019

An All-Women Conference

These days there are so many events related to or surrounding women being organized and recently enough we got to attend one such event on 13th April 2019 in which the topics for discussion were quite interesting and people were not able to refrain themselves from attending it.
As expected, there was a big crowd around 200 people that attended the event and it really went very well. Usually, events never begin on time, but this was LIT! It started early and the most amazing part of the event was the breakfast!
She Shines 2019
Image Source : Google / She Shines 2019 
The meet-and-greet area had a huge table with many options of sandwiches having varieties of spreads on them but the cherry on the cake was that the spreads were of “VEEBA” who was the condiment and sauce partner.
A whole counter was dedicated to the goodness of Veeba’s dips and condiments. Some people who showed up at the event already knew about Veeba’s extensive range of products but they had everything on show there right from dips, salad dressings, mayonnaise, sandwich spreads, Italian sauces and peanut butter among others.
Veeba also got a chance to spread awareness about the recently launched new range of Sweet Toppings with the like of Caramel Fudge Topping, Strawberry Fruit Topping, Chocolate Fudge Topping and Alphonso Mango Fruit Topping. After the breakfast, the attendees moved to the conference hall and finally the programme started.
She Shines 2019
Image Source : Google / She Shines 2019 
Generally, in full day events you do not expect such good participation but this one seemed to be an exception. The morning kick started with the lighting of the lamp, and felicitation of Biji (Kamlesh Gill) of Vicky Donor fame. Her interaction with the emcee was as much hilarious as it was inspiring. A woman of her age taking charge of things and living life to its fullest is what we all need to learn.
In between the various interesting and interactive sessions there were talks by RJ Sayema and a fusion dance performance by Rashmi Khanna.
The She Shines event was planned and executed with utmost precision and the same was evident by the fact that they had lovingly kept a martini glass full of US Cranberries on each of the tables. The exotic fruit, though small in size, is packed with benefits like maintaining urinary tract health, decreasing inflammation, helps in reducing cancer cell growth, enhances immune function and benefits stomach health.
Apart from these, the dried cranberries are an excellent source of Vitamin C and E, are low in sodium are good sources of Vitamins A and K and are cholesterol and saturated fat free. Rich in antioxidants, they are also good for heart and oral health and gum diseases. What more, they are good for your hair and skin too. As for usage, though we mostly use them in baking and confectionary, but they can as well be used for making smoothies, juices, cocktails and mocktails.
She Shines 2019
Image Source : Google / She Shines 2019 
While at the end of the session, people were feeling elated and shared their opinions about the event with each other to get more knowledge and they were happy that they came to know about brands like Veeba and US Cranberries.
Events like She Shines 2019 should keep happening in various parts of cities because such conferences offer a platform from where people can get knowledge pertaining to women. Women now are walking ahead of men and they are confident enough to prove and achieve what they want or what they deserve!


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