How To Set Proxy In Web Browser


How To Set Proxy In Web Browser :


There are many different ways to set proxy in web browser depending upon the Operating System that you are using and of course the web browser. First off we will start with the easiest way possible. If you are using the latest Windows Operating System then, you can set proxy in web browser just a couple of steps. And the steps are:

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ pane.
  • Choose ‘Network & Internet’ settings option
  • Now, go to the ‘Proxy’ option on the left part of your screen under the ‘Network & Internet’.

Now, from here you can choose a script setup by turning on the ‘Use script setup’ option and filling in the address script. Or you use a proxy server by turning on the ‘Use proxy server’ option and the filling in the proxy address and the proxy port. And then click on the save button use these settings.

Now, if you are using any previous version of the Windows Operating System or you just want to set proxy in web browser then, follow these steps:

  • For Internet Explorer

    • Open the Internet Explorer and go to the tools options (shortcut key is Alt + X).
    • Now, choose the ‘Internet Options’.
    • The Internet Properties window will get opened and inside that window click on the LAN settings button.
    • Now, if you want to use an address, check the ‘Use automatic configuration script’ and fill in the address script or if you want to use a proxy server then, check the ‘Use a proxy server on your LAN’ and fill in the proxy address and proxy port.
    • Click on OK and enjoy.
  • For Google Chrome

    • Open Chrome and go to ‘Settings’.
    • Link on the ‘Show advanced settings’ link.
    • Now, click on ‘Change proxy settings’. This will open up the ‘Internet Properties’ window and from here the steps are same as those in Internet Explorer.
  • For Fire Fox

    • Open Fire Fox and go to ‘Options’.
    • Click on ‘Advanced’ option on the left column.
    • Go to the ‘Network’ tab and click on ‘Setings…’ button under the ‘Connection’ section.
    • This will open up the ‘Connection Settings’ and from here you change add or change your proxy by choosing the ‘Manual proxy configuration’ and filling in al the required fields.
    • Now, save the settings and enjoy.

You can see that setting up a Proxy service is pretty simple, all you have to do is find the internet properties window or a way to connecting settings, and the rest of the process is pretty much the same for all the web browsers


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