SecuX V20 – The Most Secure Wallet For Cryptocurrencies


SecuX V20 – The Most Secure Wallet For Cryptocurrencies

As cryptocurrencies are taking momentum in more business forms, it becomes essential to have a secure wallet. Coin holders are ready to invest in a secure wallet and SecuX has provided just the right one.

What is it?

SecuX V20 Hardware Wallet is basically a smart device which is curated for the purpose of storing different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. It is made compatible for Windows, Linux, Android, MAC, and IOS devices.

How is it built?

It is a beautiful and sleek aluminum-built hardware wallet. The shape is in the form of an octagon design. It comes with a 2.8-inch color touchscreen display, which is the medium to carry out the transactions. The flat display is really attractive and the back is supported with durable rubber-like padding which protects it from wear and tear. The built is so strong, there are not many chances of it breaking on accidentally falling. It feels really sturdy and heavy while holding in your hand.

SecuX V20 comes with one micro USB port and has a button that works both for activating the device and for 2FA (two-factor authentication). The added factor is a USB cable which provides the flexibility to be managed online with a web wallet. The device has the advantage of Bluetooth connectivity, which gives it wireless support, and hence, the SecuX app is fully adaptable to both iOS and Android. That is the reason it is popular as a ‘cross-platform’ device.

The price of the device is set at $149. This definitely has attracted a lot of eyes that SecuX one of the first cross-platform wallets with a big desktop screen and wireless features. It is provided with a 600 mAH battery which can be charged only within 30 minutes the second time.

What kind of security to expect?

A CC EAL 5+ Certified Security Element (SE) is installed which closely monitors the stored private keys and PIN code, protecting from any external attack. The striking factors of this wallet include:

  • A tamper-resistant firmware is pre-installed and there is a window for the system to upgrade.
  • Physical confirmation is asked before every transaction.
  • A one-time password or PIN code is to be set for accessing the device and other apps in the wallet.
  • The packaging provided is anti-tamper.
  • The keys in the digital keyboard are randomly situated to avoid the consequences of keystrokes.
  • The unique technology of this wallet is the presence of BIP32, 39, and 44 standards which provide choice to the users to generate 12, 18, or up to 24 words password.

What makes it different?

The aluminum frame which SecuX is made of makes it really sturdy and difficult to be physically broken apart. As the frame is welded into the wallet, the only way to get into it is by drilling. That’s a really smart move. It cannot be physically pulled apart and drilling would only destroy the chip inside it.

Another concept which makes it a secure option is the ability to input up to 24-word paraphrase. This combination makes it nearly impossible for anyone to break into.

SecuX V20 Installation Guide

The unique device does not have any private key pre-set buttons. So, you get the option to generate your own key or restore it if you have an existing one.

Step 1: Charging the device

Before setting it up it would require at least 2 hours of charging.

Step 2: Set your own PIN

This PIN is your unlocking password for every time you will be using the device. This PIN can be of 4 to 8 digits.

Step 3: Send a name for your device

It will come with the default name but you have to rename it with maximum of 13 letters, either small or capital.

Step 4. Create a new or recover your old wallet

While creating a new wallet, the device will present you with a list of 24 seed phrases. You do not want to forget them, so write them down in a sheet and keep it safe. This phrase will retrieve your wallet if lost or reset.

Step 6: Generation of private keys

This is the last process. After the above steps, private keys will be generated automatically by the device, related to your recovery words. The security element chip of the device will store this private key forever. Now, the wallet is ready to be operated.


SecuX V20 is a wallet with top-notch security for your cryptocurrencies. The transactions can be carried out seamlessly. Although, so many features can be mind-boggling for beginners. But if you are looking for the most secure wallet in the market, investing in this wallet will not be disappointing.

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