Scroll Saw – Everything You Need to Know


Scroll Saw – Everything You Need to Know

If you are looking for the excellent woodworking and the power and speed you get from an electric saw, with the precision of a saw that is handheld; A scroll saw is exactly your choice. The idea behind a scroll saw is to make precise woodwork easier and their slender blade that moves between 400-1800 strokes a minute makes all of that happen.

But here is the thing, you may think a scroll saw is mainly for wood. It is not so. You can use a scroll saw to cut plastic, plexiglass, thin metals and other materials too.

Before you venture into your scroll saw projects, knowing the uses of scroll saws would probably be handy for you. When it comes to getting novice student sin to wood working and making very closely precise designs, the scroll saw will become one of the most important power tools you will need in your tool arsenal.

The Uses of Scroll Saws

  • You can create curves
  • Create dovetail joints
  • Cut precise angles
  • Make think cuts
  • Craft intricate and precise designs

Using a scroll saw has a lot of advantages. To begin with, here are a few;

  • Scroll saw projects don’t need any other tools but the saw
  • The foot pedal lets you cut difficult angles easily
  • 5-inch blade for the hard spots
  • Affordable

What Materials can You Cut with Scroll Saws

You can cut a list of materials with scroll saws. Starting with plastics, Plexiglas, wood, thin sheet metals.

The Different Types of Scroll Saws

There are various types of scroll saws all designed to fit different kinds of woodwork. To start with and make it easier for you; I have broken down the types of scroll saws in two categories.

You can find various scrolls saws, as per the power supply and the operation. In other words, you can buy a scroll saw depending on the kind of power supply system you prefer and the mechanism it operates by.

Types of Scroll Saws – Power Supply System

Majorly you can categorize scroll saws on whether it is manually used or electrical. Then some are cordless, and some are not. The manual ones are still used in museums and if you want to work without a power supply.

Corded Scroll Saws

Depending on the brand you can choose from many lengths of cords. You can also choose the type of cordless scroll saw from the amperage which comes in both small fraction and a smaller number.

Cordless Scroll Saws

It is in the name; these are battery equipped so you do not need an electrical circuit. Some of the best brands come with batteries fit to last for a long working period.

Combo Scroll Saws

The newer units come with both a cordless option which means you get an inbuilt battery and also a cord to attach to an electrical unit. This is perfect for you, if you work somewhere with electricity cuts.

Manual Scroll Saws

You can pedal these scroll saws by the foot, a lot like a sewing machine.

Types of Scroll Saws – Operational

Since the blades of a scroll saw work by going up and down in strokes, you can either get a fixed speed or variable speeds. Depending on your scroll saw project you can choose the kind of speed settings you want.

Scroll Saws with Fixed Speeds

Simply put, if you have a fixed speed saw you can only cut a single kind of material. So, if you are buying it to cut wood, chances are that is all that it is going to cut at a fixed speed too.

Scroll saws with Variable Speeds

This is something far more convenient for you if you are looking for an all-purpose scroll saw. Simply, click the speed you want to work at and work with these kinds of scroll saws on several materials.

Where to Buy Scroll Saws?

One of the best places to buy scroll saws is going to Amazon definitely. They come in competitive prices with discounts. The delivery is well organized too.  If you want help to choose best scroll saw then visit our site and checkout scroll saw reviews.

If online purchase is not your cup of tea you can run down to your nearest tool store and find some of the latest brands in scroll saws.

What to Consider before Buying Your Scroll Saw

Scroll saws are very useful especially if you must work on a range of materials. So, if you are scouting for a scroll saw here are a few important features you would need to consider.

  • The Speed Features
  • The Blade positioning System
  • The Power Supply and Capacity

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