Know about salon sanitization to kill harmful germs and viruses


All you need to know about salon sanitization to kill harmful germs and viruses

Salons have become an indispensable part of the modern lifestyle. All types of men and women visit salons throughout the day. The place is mainly used by people for grooming purposes. They visit the salons for availing different grooming services regarding hair and beauty. The clients visit salons regularly. Also, the workers and the beauticians who work inside the salon are prone to danger. Both the employees and clients can carry infectious diseases even after taking all the necessary measures. Anyone carrier can spread the disease to several others inside the salon. Thus, safeguarding the salon from hundreds of different types of contagious germs should be the priority of a salon owner.

This is where comes the concept of antimicrobial coating for salon sanitization. This would ensure a safe environment for employees and clients. Also, the business will run efficiently and no one in contact with the salon area will suffer from any health issues.

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The necessity of salon disinfection services

The various services provided by the salons require close contact between the staff and the clients. The risk relating to cross-contamination is extremely threatening. Apart from human beings, the tools required for salon services may be dirty or infected by viruses, fungi, bacteria, and parasites. The beauticians work directly on the clients’ hair, face, skin, or nails. How will you know if anyone is carrying asymptomatic ailments? Such a person may contaminate the salon with the deadly microbes and increase the risk of community spread of the diseases. Hygiene and sanitization should be of the foremost priority for day to day running of the salon. Also, due to the rise of clients visiting the salons the owners must sanitize types of equipment, furniture, and nooks and corners of the salon to drive away the potential threats imposed on our health by the deadly and contagious microbes.

Antimicrobial coating for salon or traditional sanitization services?

Sanitization should be part of the basic service provided by the salons. The traditional sanitization of the equipment after every use or cleaning and sweeping the floor after haircuts are some of the basic procedures to maintain a safe environment within the salon. But the traditional ways of sanitization and disinfections doesn’t last long. They provide industrial-grade sterilization which usually stays for 48hours or a maximum of 10 to 15 days. The products used for traditional sanitization is not formulated with advanced technologies. However, the antimicrobial coating used for sanitizing the salon is made up of scientifically proven advanced technology to kill the deadliest microbes. They can kill 99.9% of germs and microbes from all surfaces. Also, they last for 3 months. So, the owner should use antimicrobial coating for the salon to ensure high-quality safety measures for the staff and the clients. This process will control the health hazard and will prove to be cost-efficient.

Salon sanitization – A complete checklist

Salon services cater to various needs and demands of the customers. Here is a list of products and essentials that should be disinfected and sanitized to ensure a safer environment.

  • Adjustable Chairs
  • Waiting area chairs
  • Door Knobs
  • Floors
  • Hair essentials- Combs, clips, brushes, roller
  • Nail art kits, fillers, cutters
  • Towels
  • Facial kits, containers, threads.
  • Toilets
  • Scissors
  • Steamers
  • Bowls, mixing utensils, spatulas.
  • Reception desks

Thus apart from maintaining personal sanitization, the above-mentioned equipment and tools should be sanitized daily to create a germ-free salon environment.

Germ Shield protection for salon

Germ shield for sanitization of the salon is beneficial for multiple purposes. The services are carried out by trained professionals using internationally recognized contamination-free equipment. It forms a cover on all the products and areas which is invisible. It is a US patent technologically which kills 99.99% germs, microbes, algae, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. The disinfectant and sanitization are done only after performing the SWAB test on the surfaces that the Germ Shield is to be applied. With the help of proper testing, the professionals understand the level of contamination and treat the areas accordingly. It also successfully kills droplet-based viruses which might create health hazards within the salon. This technology is very helpful in all the surface areas like fabric, porous, leather material, wooden, marble, or tile flooring. Thus, Germ Shield inhabits the community spread of microbes, creating a healthy and stronger nation.

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