Who doesn’t love their furry friends? I think anyone who has had the chance of taking care of a beloved dog will understand how much they add to our lives. Many consider their dogs as part of their family and would want the best for them at all times. Dogs in the cities might have it easier than those in rural areas especially now that hunting season is just around the corner. Some people might allow their dogs to roam the vast open space in their property but it could be dangerous for your beloved fur babies to be left unsupervised during hunting season. So here are a few tips to keep them safe at all times.

  1. Know when Hunting Season Starts and in which Locations

Many websites and park notice boards announce the start of hunting season so people are forewarned. For pet owners, this is important so they know when to be on high alert and keep their pets safe. Knowing which locations are open are also crucial. It helps to avoid these areas when you are walking your dog or at least stick to designated paths and keep your dogs on a leash. Click here for info about fishing, outdoor, survival, bushcraft, and hunting.

  1. Make them Highly Visible

If you live quite close to a hunting location and normally take your dog for walks, then it helps to be seen. What this means is donning highly visible vests on yourself and on your dog. The worst thing you can do is for both you and your dog to blend into the background and get mistaken for a deer or other game. Make sure that the vests are in highly visible, fluorescent orange. Put on equally bright and visible collars and bandannas around your pet too. If your routine walks are in the early morning or at dusk, bring a flashlight or a headlamp to warn others of your presence.

  1. Make Noise

Noise helps to inform people of your presence even before they see you. You can do this by getting your dog a collar with a bell as well as attaching one on your belt loop. Let you and yourself be known to hunters through the noise to avoid an accident from happening.

  1. Always Use a Leash

Because I live in suburbia, I am fairly comfortable walking around with my dog without a leash. But the case could be totally different in rural areas with acres of forests all around. Whether you are hiking on your favorite trail or simply giving your dog some exercise, during hunting season, be sure to have your furry friend on a leash to prevent them from going off track and racing into the tree line. While hunters are fairly capable of differentiating the noise dogs and games make, accidents can still happen and it pays to err on the side of caution.

  1. Be Flexible with your Routine

As a creature of habit, I am fairly rigid with my daily schedule. I stick to a plan most days, especially during the weekday. So my dog is fairly familiar when our walks take place. But those living close to hunting locations might need to change their schedule quite a bit come hunting season. Instead of going for walks in the woods, why not do it around town or in a park, or better yet take your fur babies on a walk on the beach if that is an option. Some states don’t allow hunting on weekends so schedule your trips around these days.

Keep your dogs safe during hunting season by getting the proper gear for them and planning your walks to avoid any accidents. Let us all be vigilant when it comes to the safety of our pets. They are, after all, part of the family.

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