How to Safely Trade in Cryptocurrencies?


Anything that is new is revolutionizing but it also hinges on the economy. We have all been told that economics is boring, which is a deceptive lie. As a matter of fact, our day-to-day lives depend on it from the least to the highest. From war, poverty, revolution, to community practices, all depend on it.

All of this boils down to one word, that is “Money”. Money is the key concept for everything around us. This leads us to define the era of “New Money”. The rise of new money is the rise of digital currency. Buying or selling crypto coins is now considered to be the new money. Digital coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and 6000+ more coins. When it comes to cryptocurrency it’s more than just revolutionizing but an economic revival.

But this standard question rises among all, that if this is the best option? Is it safe to trade currencies on the internet?

While these are some valid questions to ask before investing rupees into an intangible asset, we also have answers flowing your way. Before you invest into buying crypto coins you have to understand where your money is going, its pros & cons and other informative details. 

  • Understand the Basic Concepts

Cryptocurrencies are always misunderstood because of its highly technical terms. Though its meaning is hidden behind heavy jargons, its definition is simple and very understanding. Before you invest into buying or selling, it is important to understand the three basic concepts. They are; Bitcoin, Blockchain, & Cryptocurrency. Read more to understand the basic concept in depth.

  • Bitcoin & Other Coins:

Bitcoin is the name of the best-known cryptocurrency like the Euro is the name of one type of currency. Bitcoin is digital & decentralized, it exists electronically. It functions behind everything related to computer coding. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that have different technical names exist electronically as computer code.

Each crypto coin holds a different value in rupees. Buying coins of different names will always hold a different value in regard to the status of the economy. As of December 2021, the current rates of Bitcoin are  36,65,135 INR. Similarly, there are other coins named like Dogecoin, Ethereum, DigiByte, Polkadot, Cardano, Litecoin, and thousands more. If you are looking to start investing as a trial, you can buy DigiByte in India at its investment rate per coin of 2.58 INR. If you are being sceptical about investment and considering its safety measure then DigiByte is the ideal type of crypto coin. So with understanding concepts like this, you can then begin to rely on and find safety in buying and selling crypto coins.

  • Cryptocurrency:

Cryptocurrency is the medium of exchange of Bitcoin and other currencies. Crypto simply means Data Encryption. All it does is basically ensure the security of transactions. Similarly, like how we have our personal message being encrypted. That is the same for crypto.

However, unlike debit & credit cards, cryptocurrencies have no physical counterpart. Digital form is the only form it exists in.

  • Blockchain:

Blockchain is a technology that enables the existence of cryptocurrencies and ensures the exchange of currencies happens smoothly. It functions more like how the internet functions and the coins over it are like social apps. Each coin represents social apps such as Facebook, Email, Twitter, etc. The functions of Blockchain are more like all that the internet does. It oversees the functionalities of crypto coins through the reading of codes.

Know Where to Invest:

It’s important to know where you are buying or exchanging coins. There are very few trustworthy exchange platforms to buy crypto coins. One of them is CoinSwitch. It is one of the best platforms to engage in cryptocurrency exchange in India. It projects valid rates of daily results as per the economic standards.

As per these facts, it’s important to buy & sell over a reputed platform, to avail better benefits that are promising with enduring results.

Understand the Volatility Before Investing:

There are possibilities that investing in such things can drift your focus to always wanting more. To reap the benefits in no time, it’s important to fully analyze the product & especially the right coin that might offer good outcomes & rewards. It is more important to be fully aware of the volatility of the market before investing a huge amount of money in it. If you are willing to bear the risks by being fully prepared, opt for buying crypto coins in India. There are always chances of liability to change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the better or for worse.

With these points in mind, you can buy crypto coins and follow the above-mentioned steps for safe trade in cryptocurrencies in India.


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