What Is The Saat Phere Meaning In Hindu Marriage ?


What Is The Saat Phere Meaning

In Hindu Marriage ?

Saat Phere Meaning | When it comes to religion, culture, food, education, politics, India is one of those countries who stands in the rank of top 10 best countries in the world and when it comes to Indian marriages, this country is undoubtedly deserves the first position.

Different religions have different ways of doing the Indian wedding, like in Gujarat marriage is done at the day time where as in states like U.P and Bihar, wedding is done at the night time. You must be wondering that why are we here today! We are here to explain you the Saat phere meaning.

You might be knowing the how important is the Saat Phere in our Indian wedding, but many of you might not be knowing the actual Saat phere meaning, so today we will cover the saat phera meaning by explaining you the meaning of each phera.

Saat Phere or 7 rounds of marriage are taken around the fire or hawan that is used in Indian weddings, while taking the saat phere the bride and groom make promises to each other about being together in even the toughest situations.

Every year the month in which millions of marriages happens in the month of December, may and April. These are the rush months in which booking a venue of marriage becomes difficult. You need to book months before the wedding date otherwise it will become trouble task.

Moving forward, as we are here to discuss about the saat phere meaning, we will first understand what it is actually is, when it is done and then we will explain you the meaning of each and every round.

What is 7 rounds of marriage ?

Considered as one of the most important rituals in India weddings, saat phere is a part of vedic mantra which was written by some very knowledgeable rishis and munis millions of years ago. In the 7 rounds of marriage, both the bride and groom take 7 rounds holding hands and prays for themselves and their families.

All the 7 promises that they make to each other by taking those 7 rounds of marriage are unbreakable and the fire is considered as the presence of god.

So, now as you know the Saat phere meaning, let us explore the meaning of each round to understand the Saat phere meaning in a deeper manner.

Saat Phere Meaning

Below is the meaning of each vow taken in the Saat Phere or 7 rounds of marriage by the bride and groom.

Phera 1 : Nourishing and food are the two most important factors human need in their life to survive. So, in the very first round of the saat phere, the bride and groom pray to god to shower good amount of food and nourishment in both of their families. One should never struggle to get food.

Phera 2 : Another important thing to live a long life is good health. The second phera is all about demanding for good health of every individual in their family. May they stay happy and healthy always.

Phera 3 : Tough situations are a part of life. Sometimes you see the best days of your life together and some days are like hell. In the third phera, the bride and groom prays to be strong enough to crack all the hurdles that comes in their way. Because life is a mystery and no one ever knows when and what will happen the very next moment of your life.

Phera 4 : Love and respect, two simple words with a very deep meaning. As the saat phere meaning is to promise to stay together forever, those vows are incomplete without love and respect for each other. So, in the fourth phera the couple prays to god to fill their life will a bunch of love and respect for each other that never ends.

Phera 5 : Children are the only source to make the life most beautiful and make the bond of couple stronger. So, in the phera 5, they pray to god for a cute child.

Phera 6 : In the 6th phera, the couple prays to god for good long life.

Phera 7 : In the last round, the bride and groom prays for the live time togetherness.

Mentioned above are the saat phere meaning that everyone needs to know and realized its importance. Indian marriages are very important ritual in country. You now know the saat phere meaning. Share with your friends and other relatives if you liked this content and if you want to understand closely all the marriage rituals in India, visit Wedding Quora.

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