What are the Roles & Responsibilities of SSC GD Constable?


What are the Roles & Responsibilities

of SSC GD Constable?

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) comes up with a golden opportunity for job aspirants who aspire to work in various government sectors. The job profile of SSC GD constable is considered as one of the prestigious and honoured posts.

Appointed as a GD constable, you have to perform numerous key duties and are recruited through an exam conducted and organized by SSC. The post of GD Constable officer includes supervising the duties directly by SHO and obey his orders sincerely. GD Constable is responsible for the conduct in the investigation of any case given by the senior inspector.

The person appointed as a GD constable is also asked to perform a duty as station writer. Having the great scope of the SSC GD Constable, you get the opportunity to be promoted as a senior head constable. After the promotion, you will be responsible for the duty of in charge of the police station. Promotion Scope of GD constable is high, and also there are great benefits that have been associated with this job profile.

SSC GD Job Profile

GD stands for General Duty and the training for the GD soldiers is quite challenging in comparison with the other trade soldiers. Before you can check the work profile and responsibilities associated with the job profile of SSC GD Constable. These are as follows:

  • Initially, SSC GD Constable person will be appointed as a guard or escort.
  • GD constable has to supervise all the tasks and duties of the Sub-Inspector and Assistant Sub-Inspector in their absence.
  • You might get an opportunity to conduct the investigation of cases.
  • Duties of station writer might also be assigned to SSC GD Constable
  • He/She has to work under the supervision of SHO (Station House Officer) and must follow all his orders and instructions strictly and carefully.
  • You can be promoted as Senior Head Constable in which you have to be responsible for taking charge of a police station.

Career Growth of SSC GD Constable

It is important to know the career progression for the post of SSC GD Constable. To assess the performance of GD Constable, a departmental exam is undertaken for GD constable post. Apart from this, GD constable is entitled to get a certain promotion on the basis of the hard work and determination to perform various duties with high responsibility. As you will be progressing up in the career path of SSC GD Constable, your grip will be expanding vastly as beginning from:

  • Constable
  • Senior Constable
  • Head Constable
  • Assistant Sub-Inspector
  • Sub-Inspector
  • Inspector

SSC GD Constable Salary

The pay scale of SSC GD Constable is Rs. 5200-20200 with 2000 GP. After 7th CPC the salary is as follows:

Salary of GD Constable under Grade Pay Rs. 2000 (PB-1)
Earnings Amount (Rs.) Deductions Amount (Rs.)
Basic 21700 CGHS 125
Transportation Allowance

(City – A1)


(1200 + 24)

House Rent Allowance

(City – X)

2538 Pension Contribution 2214
Dearness Allowance 434
Total Earnings 25896 Total Deductions 2369
Net Earnings 23527


  • Apart from this, you will get Field allowances and Security allowances which will enhance your salary upto 25,000.
  • Get Rs 4,000 for food allowance
  • Remember, the salary of SSC GD Constable depends upon the place of posting. The salary can slightly differ in various regions.

Other Perks & Allowances

  1. CAPF sends its young and deft boys to UN MISSION, every year. In this, you will be given a chance to go abroad for rendering your elite service in a foreign country.  A golden chance for the candidates to show off your proficiency and capability. Further, during these services in other countries, you will also be given an immense compensation along with other benefits.
  2. SSC GD Constable under CISF also provides security to Airport, Factories, Government- Mills, Taj Mahal, Mills etc. So, if you want to stay near towns or suburban cities choose CISF wisely.

Along with the basic SSC GD Constable Salary, there are other allowances and benefits which are provided below:

  • Dearness Allowance (DA)
  • Transportation Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA)
  • Medical Facilities
  • Pension Schemes
  • Gratuity
  • Annual Paid Leaves

Facilities Provided to SSC GD Constable

Along with salary, perks and allowances, a person associated with SSC GD Constable is entitled to get numerous facilities, which are as follows:

  • Traveling to different parts of the countries- You are allowed to travel to different parts of the country, which may be on deputation basis. Providing you with an ample chance to stay tuned with the state capital.
  • Proper care of health- As a GD Constable, you are required to be fit and healthy. You can efficiently devote 1-2 hour daily in keeping yourself fit and healthy for the nation and as well as for yourself.
  • You can avail medical benefits- These government employees like SSC GD Constable are entitled to enjoy medical cover as well.
  • Retirement benefits- GD Constable officer enjoys post-retirement benefits, such as PF, gratuity, salary arrears, which makes life after retirement hassle-free affair.
  • Job security – Government employees are not fired easily and get various chances to improvise their performance every now and then. Also, SSC GD Constable employees receive opportunities to review and analyses their job frequently and get regular interval training for the betterment of the job profile.
  • Training – Regular training and education initiatives are provided to SSC GD Constable person.

Above are the positive attributes you may enjoy if you join Special Forces like GD Constable. Apart from this, there is a great sense of pride to serve the nation and continue to contribute in the long run for your country.

The family members of SSC GD constable employed in government jobs under Special Forces enjoy various benefits and facilities. Perks like medical allowances, house accommodation allowance, travel allowance, medical allowance etc are given to SSC GD Constable. There is also a sense of security and stability enjoyed by the fellow family member of the person working as an SSC GD Constable.

For more information or query related to roles and responsibilities of SSC GD Constable, you can drop your comment in the comment section below.

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