Do You Make These Common Reverse Image Search Mistakes?


Do You Make These Common Reverse Image Search Mistakes?

Have you ever heard about the reverse image search? Well if not then you have been missing a lot lately! The search by image or the reverse image search is one of the most least used but most important inventions of Google! The search by image feature as the name says itself is the feature that enables users to search data with respect to the pictorial content given in the input search bar.

Now as it is a new feature and it is not being used as much as it should be, but anyways there are some common mistakes that even we used to make while we first started using the reverse photo lookup feature. As you will use the reverse photo lookup after reading this article, we want you to read about the common mistakes that one can make while doing a search by image.

The Most Common Mistakes a Person Can Make

While Using the Reverse Photo Search

There are some very funny and some serious mistakes that a person can make while using the search by image feature so let us discuss the top one’s today!

  • Searching for A Textual Quote Picture

This is one of the most common mistakes a person can make while using the search by image feature, especially on Google. You guys should understand that the reason that the picture lookup feature was introduced was to know about the details of the picture itself. In a quotation post, all of the information is available so the search engine will just simply search for the quote you searched and will let you know about millions of more related to it.

  • Clicking Your Own Pictures

Now, this is one of the funniest and childish mistakes which a person can make while not knowing about the working of the search by image feature. first of all, the search engine would not recognize you because you are neither a celebrity nor a dead legend so if you are clicking your own pictures and posting them in the search bar then you are making a fool out of yourself.

What happens is in the rarest cases, the search engines find your social media profile pictures but only when they are popular among people. It is recommended that you don’t do this because it give out your picture to hackers on the web especially girls are the ones who make this foolish move so would recommend you avoid this at all times.

  • Taking Screenshots of Nothing

Taking screenshots of nothing important or even a black screen can give you zero results. You need to understand the fact that the search by image feature is only capable of giving out results that are already available on the web related to the image and not some random screenshot you are starting to post on the web. Sometimes what happens is that if you post pictures of your desktop while taking a snip from the tool, then there is a high chance that the reverse photo lookup will mark you as spam and moreover it can also leak you IP identity to hackers. So don’t make this kind of mistake if you are planning on using the tool.

  • Search for Trailer Pictures

If you think that if you get a screenshot of a trailer’s scene and it will help you tell the story of the whole movie then you are very wrong in this concept, and you need to think again as the reverse image search can only help you in two ways.

The first way is to give you details about the picture you have posted in the search bar and secondly by finding pictures according to the textual details you have provided them.  You can search for recipes and song track but not movies that are yet to be released or launched in a compact form.

  • Searching for Content

If you have a screenshot of a content and you want to search for its origin to delete it or steal it then cannot do it as it is against the rules of Google. If you are thinking of doing something of the sort, then hold your horses and don’t do this!

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