What can be the reason for weight gain?


Obesity is a very common problem these days due to many reasons and people all over the world are facing this problem. Obesity not only itself is a problem but it also leads to many other health disorders. It can cause high cholesterol levels, high blood sugar levels, heart problems, and even kidney problems. Here can be many reasons for obesity or being overweight. But first of all, we have to understand what the terms “overweight” and “obesity” means.

Are obesity and overweight the same?

Many people use both the terms interchangeably for weight gain and think they are the same. But it is not the truth. Generally they are the same but if we study them in-depth then we will come to know that there is a small difference between both. Both terms are used for increased weight. Both are different because of having a difference in the person’s BMI or “body mass index”. How many people are of the term but some may ask what is BMI? It is a standard that identifies the health level of a person’s body. Many BMI calculators are available online, a person has to put his height, weight, and age and the calculator will show his BMI. After calculating by using the BMI formula, it will show some numbers. If the BMI is below 18, the person will be underweight. A person having a BMI between 18.4 to 24.9 will be healthy. BMI between 24.9 to 30 will be overweight and above 30 BMI will be obesity. So from this, we have learned that obesity is used for the person whose weight is very high than the normal weight. So obesity will be more dangerous and will cause many problems.

What can be the reason for weight gain?

Here are so many reasons for weight gain. Teenagers and youngsters are eating junk food and spend a lot of time sitting and using laptops and mobile phones, lack of physical activities, increased intake of fried items, unhealthy snacking, overeating, intake of soda drinks and juices,restless nights, and laziness. Nowadays work from home or online working is a common trend and people prefer to do their work by sitting at a place. People are far from physical exercise. People prefer to go out even to the nearby markets in their car and avoid walking. All these bad habits cause weight gain. But weight gain can be due to health problems for example disturbing levels of hormones.

How to lose weight healthily?

Whatever is the reason for weight gain, the main problem is how to lose weight? Many people are using different methods to lose weight. Some are doing crash diets, some are on fruit diets, some only drink juices, some people do keto, some try home remedies, some are fasting, and some rely on the only workout. But many of these methods are not healthy. They can lose weight quickly but they will give other health issues and nutrients deficiency is one of them.

If you want to lose weight healthily then keep in mind that weight loss depends on 80 percent on diet and 20 percent on exercise. If you combine both things, they will boost up weight reduction. Diet doesn’t mean to starve, but it means eating cleverly. Eat whatever you want but just reduce its quantity.

Tips for healthy weight loss

It is a very important question how to lose weight so here are a few tips that will help you in your weight loss journey.

  • Reduce the consumption of sugar in your diet.
  • Eliminate the intake of butter and oils.
  •  Drink plenty of water.
  • Reduce food intake and eat in portions.
  • Eat more proteins and reduce carbohydrates.
  • Add salads and vegetables in your diet.
  •  Reduce the number of calories.
  •  Do daily exercise and increase body movements and physical exercises. Try to walk or stand for most of the time and go to nearby places on foot.

Eating healthily is not a very difficult thing and we also have added a few tips in our article that will help you in improving the quality of food intake. Make a diet plan for you by keeping those points prior and eat healthily. Now we will discuss the importance of daily exercise in weight loss. The workout is very important because it will help in burning the calories and toning up the body and giving it a perfect shape after weight loss. Do daily exercise and if you cannot, then must do it 4 days a week. Jumping, squats, cardio, and planks will help you a lot. Exercise cycles are the best way to reduce weight easily without the help of a proper trainer. Choose revExpo buyer guide to buy exercise cycles. It will give all the necessary guidance and will make it very easy for you to buy an exercise cycle.

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