Preparing for your Software Engineering Interview at Facebook


Facebook is a part of everyone’s routine today! 

How often do you spend your entire day without checking up on your friends through Facebook? Well, not quite often correct? 

Facebook provides life-solving and convenient tech solutions with the help of over 71,000 employees working all around the globe. Every year, Facebook invites applications from different segments of the world for vivid job profiles. 

One of the highest-employing teams at Facebook offering these vivid job profiles to the candidates is the software engineering team. Joining the team of software engineers at Facebook is no less than a dream for young applicants given the perks. 

If you are also a recent graduate and willing to join Facebook’s team of experts, be prepared for the tough competition ahead. The Facebook recruiters analyze your different skills through online and offline assessments. Make sure you prepare for different Facebook coding questions individually to crack this interview assessment. 

However, figuring out where to start your preparations is still a challenge for many applicants. From the typical array of coding questions to basic algorithms based on different fundamentals of computer science, Facebook interviews can ask anything! 

To make sure that you get enough information and help in preparing for the Facebook Interview session, we have incorporated all the essential information in this article for you.

Read Till the end to map out your whole Facebook interview preparations based on the process, important concepts, and some useful tips. 

First, let’s discuss the process of a Facebook interview in detail. 

Process of Facebook interview

Facebook holds the entire interview for software engineers in about 4-5 steps depending on your joining level. 

Following are the steps that you need to clear during your Facebook interview after your resume is selected:

  • Phone screening

Once your CV is selected by the recruitment team at Facebook, you will receive a call from them. This call can go up to 15-20 minutes. The recruiters will ask about various aspects of your profile, general information, and educational background during this call. Make sure you make the best out of your communication skills to clear this round. You can expect questions like “why Facebook?” in this segment. 

  • Technical screening

Generally, this step of the interview is carried out on call as well. However, this segment will cover more technical and Facebook coding questions. The recruiters will ask you about your experience, education, graduation project, software skills, and other aspects to analyze your tech knowledge adequately. This call might last up to 30-45 mins. 

  • Onsite Interview

After your successful interview session with the Facebook recruiters on call, the team will ask you to visit your nearest office where the recruitment process is going. You will have to clear three main segments in your onsite interview session. These are:

Coding assessment: You will find various problem statements including Array coding questions, DSA, Linked list coding questions, and many more in this segment

System design: At Facebook, you will find a dedicated interview segment for system design, especially for the job profile of software engineers. 

Behavioral Interview: Finally, after your Facebook coding questions, you will have to clear the behavioral questions segment. Here, you can use your soft skills and qualities to score better. 

For clearing these rounds with flying colors, make sure that you brush up on certain important concepts and core topics.

The list with most important concepts that you must learn and brush up on for your Facebook coding questions is enclosed in this article with some additional information for your assured excellence. 

Important concepts for Facebook coding interview

Several concepts will help you score better on the interview questions on Facebook. Some of the core concepts on which you should focus are:

  • DSA- Data structures and Algorithms
  • System Design
  • Array coding questions
  • Trees
  • Stack and Queue
  • Linked lists
  • OOPs- Object-oriented programming
  • Graphs and Maps

Along with these concepts, make sure you go through the computer science fundamentals as well to score better and implement different approaches. 

Tips for Facebook coding Interview preparations

To score well in your Facebook software engineer interview, some certain tips and tricks will help you perform better. These tips include:

  • Practice real-time problems

Never stick only to book-ridden knowledge 

While preparing for the interview session at Facebook, make sure you practice the real-time problems as well. You can consider different problem statements and practice papers to get insights into each concept in detail. 

  • Understand Levels of joining

Facebook appoints software engineers on two levels! 

The Facebook coding questions for senior and junior-level software engineers can vary a bit. You must analyze your job description and the requirements of the team to ensure efficient preparation. The Junior level candidates may have to prepare for different concepts as compared to the senior level based on previous work experience and expertise. 

  • Develop required skills

Read the job description carefully! 

Make sure you develop some specific skills and attain software certifications that Facebook requires from your job profile. The usual skills of the software engineers on Facebook are not enough to crack the interview. Hence you must always keep an extra edge for yourself. 

  • Take mock tests

Facebook holds various mock tests and practice series to help you boost your scores and learn all about the real interview test. 

Make sure you do not skip these mock tests as they are reliable and good practice material. You can analyze the test series closely with these mock tests and carry forward your preparation based on these concepts. 

Along with this, the mock tests will help you develop coding habits and techniques that will further support you for your coding test assessment at Facebook. Find the difficulty level of Facebook coding questions in these tests easily. 

Winding up

Facebook coding questions can be quite tough to resolve if you enter the interview chamber without preparation. The basic String and Array coding Questions are usually covered in Facebook tests along with typical DSA problem statements.

 Make sure you enter the Facebook coding test with the right preparation and a positive mindset to crack this exam like a pro! 


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