How to Prepare for Class 9 Math Olympiad


Mathematics is one such subject that requires a clear concept to score good marks.

One of the vital elements of gaining knowledge of arithmetic is practice, and the International Mathematics Olympiad is one such platform in which students can show their mathematics skills. The examination has different levels.

Mathematics Olympiads are organized in various Pan India Schools which are open for class 1 to class 10 students. All the questions given in Olympiad’s assessment are of a higher standard than the questions in normal school exams.

Olympiad exams are also a basis for the students to specialize in the subject and get an idea about the opportunities available in it.

The Maths Olympiad is one of the foremost prestigious examinations. These area units are conducted at national and international levels for Maths enthusiasts. 

The program for this test is that the same as prescribed by all boards within the country, i.e, CBSE, ICSE, and State boards. 

Students appearing in this exam develop practical skills. It helps students learn additional mathematical concepts such as numbers, patterns, measurements, shapes, money, fractions, times, decimals, ratios, proportions, algebra, geometry, and much more.

It strengthens their basic knowledge about the subject that they learned in school. Mathematics is a subject that often requires students to solve completely different types of questions.

Mathematics Olympiad is an opportunity to increase proficiency and accuracy in Mathematics subjects.

Let us know more about Maths Olympiad, its syllabus for class 9th students, and how to prepare for it.

Class 9 Math Olympiad Syllabus

SECTION 1 – Subjective

  • Number System
  • Algebraic Expression
  • Linear Equation in Two Variables
  • Comparing Quantities
  • Probability & Permutation Combination
  • Lines and Angles
  • Triangle
  • Circle
  • Quadrilateral and its Area
  • Mensuration
  • Trigonometry
  • Data Handling
  • Logical Reasoning

SECTION 2 – Logical Reasoning 

  • Series Completion
  • Alpha Numeric
  • Analogy
  • Classification
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Blood Relations
  • Puzzle Test
  • Sequential Output Tracing
  • Direction Sense Test
  • Logical Venn Diagrams
  • Alphabet Test
  • Ranking
  • Mathematical Operations
  • Inserting the Missing Character

SECTION 3 – High Order Thinking Section

High Order Thinking Section or HOTS contains questions related to the Subjective section.

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How to Prepare for Class 9 Math Olympiad


Preparation is required when a student appears in competitive examinations like International Mathematics Olympiad. 

The questions asked in Maths Olympiad for class 9 will be in multiple-choice format. 

For the preparation for Math Olympiad, the students of class 9th must follow the given tips so that they can score high marks.


  • Make A Strategic Plan


Before you start preparing for Maths Olympiad you have to make a good strategic plan. Having a solid study plan is one of the most important aspects. 

Make a timetable for your preparation. But make sure you have enough free time to give your mind a rest. Relaxing your mind improves your focus.

However, it can only work if you approach your planning and scheduling with utmost discipline.


  • Take Help From Previous Year Question Paper


Previous year question paper is beneficial for the students. It allows students to understand the difficulty of the paper. It becomes easy for students to understand the kind of questions asked in the final exam. 

Once the students have solved the previous year’s questions, it becomes very easy for them to try the annual Olympics. 

The set contains questions on topics such as science, mathematics, and English, general knowledge. 

Students can buy question papers for each subject or order a combo pack containing papers for all subjects. Usually, it consists of an OMR sheet, answers key, sample questions. It helps the students to practice before the final exam.


  • Take Help From Syllabus

Knowing the right syllabus is very important. As you cannot prepare well if you do not know the right syllabus. 

The Olympiad exam curates its question paper based on the school syllabus of the respective classes.

This is the biggest advantage for the students while preparing for the exam. Because it will help you to know the area of expertise from which questions can come.

So the students must know the complete syllabus in detail about the exam.


  • Prepare From Right Material


While preparing for Maths Olympiad you must choose and prepare from the right material. 

Unlike regular school exams, the Olympics don’t expect you to cram all the study materials, even if they have the same reading schedule. Identify the right type of book based on your comprehension style. 

The books you choose should contain all content and the latest syllabus.

It should also cover all the important math questions for the Olympiad to help you improve your score.  

The study materials you choose should contain the previous year’s questions paper and mock tests. 


  • Practice A Lot


As the famous quote goes, Practice makes a man perfect- thus, there is no shortcut to success.

So you must practice well so that every concept becomes clear to you.

The only way to reach the top is to work hard and put in a lot of time in preparation. Practice as many problems as possible. It allows you to focus on your problems and get the most accurate answers.


Whether you have given Maths Olympiad before or are appearing for the first time, thorough preparation for Olympiad is essential.

Olympiad exam questions are more complicated than school exams. These questions are designed to test your concepts, so it is imperative to clear your concept of each section.

Maths Olympiad enhances your profile and helps you to get admission to top universities. So prepare well.


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