Preparation For The Physics Board Exam ( Hindi )


Language has never been a barrier for a student who is willing to learn the ways of the world. Hindi is the official language of India and henceforth, most of the people primarily from India have a good grip on the language. It is difficult for the financially unstable to learn the usage of fluent English, given the family background they belong to.

A poor student might feel discriminated against because of the linguistic differences but CBSE allows these students to take the board exam in their regional language so that they also get a chance of contributing equally to the Gross Domestic Product of the country. One such subject that requires the attention of a student enrolled in standard 12 science is physics. The best way to prepare for the physics board exam for a person belonging to a Hindi medium background is the utilization of NCERT Books Class 12 Physics in Hindi. 

Advantages of using NCERT for preparation

  •  The NCERT contains accurate sightings and text from experienced as well as renowned professionals. The text is translated to Hindi and can be utilized to have a clear understanding of the subject matter.


  •  Physics may seem difficult at first because entirely raw concepts are introduced covering a wide range of topics. Understanding them in the first go can be a painful task but with a proper reading of the subject matter and due time, concepts will be embedded in your head.


  •  Since the wide majority of India takes the test in English medium, the students studying for the exam in Hindi medium might not have adequate resources. Not only is this book sufficient for a student appearing in the board exam but it also boosts a person’s percentage and aggregate.

Steps For Successful Preparation

  • Since the student is preparing for the exam in the Hindi medium, the importance of a mentor who is fluent with the subject matter as well as Hindi comes into play. A mentor who is able to guide a student for a considerably low fee is desirable as he will be able to guide the student in an organized manner about the usage of NCERT and other books that are similar to the NCERT Hindi version.


  •  Handwritten notes are essential for preparation as they help a student in memorizing relevant concepts a few days before the examination. It is advised to use the notes made by the student as in this case, the notes are not quite easily available in a language apart from English. Also, while making notes, most of the concepts are retained.


  • Try not to perceive the examination as a competition with the English medium students. A common misconception that people have is that English medium students have an edge on their Hindi counterparts but this is not the case. It is just that a student is more proficient in one language and another student in another language. The feeling of inferiority complex should be downright dismissed.


  • While looking at the past year question papers, one can easily figure out the weightage of each topic in the examination. This should be kept in mind while practicing problems. More time should be devoted to chapters that have an additional weightage whereas less time should be devoted to ignorable stuff that is, the amount of time devoted to a particular chapter must be directly proportional to the percentage of content that it occupies in the past year papers.


  •  The internet is a valuable resource. Students who find it difficult to read and understand the subject matter may find numerous videos on the internet explaining the contents of NCERT. A student may find the videos in his desired language and exploit it to form a better picture of the text in his hind brain. Video solutions for exercises at the back of NCERT are also available that may aid the student in improving their problem solving capacity. Numerous sites are available for clearance of doubts in the vast ocean that is termed as the internet.


  •  Regular study sessions must be held by the student for gaining insight into his daily performance. A sheet should be maintained that summarizes the average output of the student for any particular day. With time, a student should work on improving his output and performance index. Sometimes, friends might be invited to help the student in clearing his doubts. A time table is essential in the long run because wastage of time may cost the student a lot of marks. Studying must not be skipped on any day for better results. A student might devote a lesser number of hours on an eventful day but he should never compromise on studying even for a day. This is because the pending workload might add up all the burden that has piled up and may cause stress and anxiety.


  • Along with NCERT, a reference book should be used to get an idea about a wide variety of concepts and problems. Although, nothing apart from the content matter given in NCERT, is asked in the board examination but for deeper learning. The reference books may be of help in competitive examinations in case the student is aiming for a good college in India. A reference book also covers certain topics in detail which are just skimmed through in NCERT. Hence, a good reference is essential for the student’s benefit.

Concluding the article, the importance of NCERT along with the utilization of a proper reference book for the uncomplicated perception of the text is discussed at length. A study plan is an essential part of the student’s routine and a student must make sure to stick to it for long-term benefits. Consolidating the most important point in the article, the language barrier can never be a tool for discrimination or unjust behavior against certain people.


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