Practicing targeted Bulk SMS marketing


Practicing targeted Bulk SMS marketing

Business marketing is rightly said to be a perfect amalgamation of art and science. At one hand, you can treat it as an art because the associated business organisation constantly needs to emerge with new marketing techniques with the objective of enhancing marketing and customer reach, whereas marketing as science enables the organisation to adhere to channeled guidelines and business principles. While the former perspective brings in innovation and aesthetics in the business marketing architecture, the latter prospect injects a sense of modularity and solidarity. With this quintessential atonement business marketing solely focus on connecting the business institution with its target audiences. bulk SMS services, or simply referred as bulk SMS is a business marketing technique that appropriately justifies the requirements to today’s business organisations. Expressed in simple words, Bulk SMS services enable the intended business institutions or individuals to send huge number of SMS messages to the targeted business audiences in one single shot. These services further add on to its significance by sending these messages to audiences just within a few seconds.

Here, it is worth mentioning that the business audience is greatly diverse in numerous aspects and must be catered effectively while sending bulk messages. In general linguistics, the above-stated business audience is majorly composed of business stakeholders, potential customers and existing clients, organizational employees and students along with all other concerned business acquaintances. Regardless of the size of business, its domain and nature one aspect which is common within the entire business world is collection of a diverse business audiences. Every business organisation owns their customers that can be internally grouped and sorted based on their purchase preferences, existing purchase terms with the business, demographics, geographical locations, life cycle, etc.

Since every customer is unique in himself and holds a special relation with the business institution, it is advisable to handle him with deemed attention and eccentricity. Taking into consideration the marketing lens and uniqueness of customers, the business must get acquainted and ensure targeted bulk SMS services for its audiences.

What happens when the business does not

implement targeted bulk SMS services ?

With the comprehension of the text above, the significance of targeted bulk messaging is pretty clear and evident in business architecture. However, while exploring this avenue of bulk SMS marketing you might wonder what will happen if bulk marketing using bulk SMS is done without taking into consideration targeted marketing.

As the name itself indicates, bulk SMS services is the dissemination of large number of SMS messages for delivery to end users using telecommunication as the base. Therefore, bulk messaging itself is capable for reaching mass audiences. However, one must note the fact that approximately 58 percent of bulk SMS recipients tend to unsubscribe the irksome bulk messages in which they own no interest.

To understand the relevance, let’s take into account a hotel business that runs multiple hotel chains across India. In the central repository for this brand of hotel, it is certain that the database contains records of multiple customers and organizations that ever had a transaction or enquiry with them. These customers can belong to any city amongst 29 states of India. Now if the hotel chain wishes to send bulk messages to its customers detailing about a special discount offer in hotels outlets of metro cities, it can simply harness the potential of bulk SMS services and send promotional SMS entailing about the offer.

However, looking from the lens of recipients, not all the recipients of this particular message may be the residents of a metro city. It is certain to happen that sect of recipients receiving this promotional message live in second and third tier cities. Receiving constant yet irrelevant messages from the hotel might make these customers a bit uneasy. This can further lead the recipient abandoning message services from the hotel and simply blocking bulk messages received from it.

With such reaction of the customers the hotel is sure to lose many customers and therefore lead to fatal situations. Adding further, the hotel chain not only mislays the customers but also instigates an inappropriate brand image in front of the business audiences.

It is pretty obvious that none of the business institution would like to reach a situation like this. Employing targeted bulk messaging proves its worth here. Using targeted bulk messaging the hotel can easily group the business customer database as per the cities and or states. Now with available groups, the business is facilitated to send promotional messages to the specific group of audiences only. In the case of this hotel chain, targeting and sending promotional bulk messages to the residents of 4 metro cities would have saved the hotel chain from losing their valuable customers and the monetary business associated with them.

The cost involved

One more facet that holds great significance in the above case study is the cost involved in the process of bulk messaging. Although bulk SMS service proves to be an inexpensive business marketing technique and therefore is globally idealized in the business world, there stands no scope of spending a single penny in business marketing that yields no returns. At core, the business world works on the principle of return on investment. Further, analyzing the current business marketing budgets, it shall not be wrong to comment that the marketing budgets are kept pretty tight. In such a situation, it is not advisable for marketing sects to follow the practice of untargeted bulk messaging. On the other hand, it is also worth noting that following the practice of targeted bulk messaging enhances the business revenue 38 percent.

Adding the essence of relevancy

The entire motive to practice targeted bulk messaging is to add a sense of relevance in every message that is sent by the business house. With injection of this relevance, the intended organisation is assured of sending the recipients only what is required and relevant for them. This practice credits the organization with added benefit of customer satisfaction, and simultaneously nurturing a healthy business bond with them. As stated earlier, boosted business revenues add a new feather in business marketing. Simultaneously, the enhanced ROI (return on investment) spill proof your financial model in the business and eventually lead the institution towards unparalleled overall success.

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