We Are The Power To Fight Rising Pollution Issues


We Are The Power To Fight Rising Pollution Issues

Think of a world without concrete buildings and motor vehicles. We bet, if you think about it properly for a moment, you can experience soulful happiness within you.

But the sad part is that we can only imagine it now and that soulful happiness is far away.

Our planet earth is facing worse issues regarding pollution every day, and we are just adding to the problem. Every single innovation that brings us comfort and luxury is somehow raising pollution issues. The plant was green and blooming before humans started to evade the beauty under the name of development. Today, a significantly large area of the earth is covered by concrete constructions. It includes roads, buildings, monuments, parking areas, and so on.

We all use different types of digital gadgets but do we wonder where the waste goes? The problem of electronic waste is getting worse day by day. And the sale of motor vehicles receives an increment every year, which leads to more demand for petroleum products and air pollution in return.

Do we really understand what we are leaning towards?

What will the future look like?

The lockdown situation has helped the air get better, and the results shocked the world as the air became so clean that people captured views of mountain ranges that are more than 200 kilometers away from their homes. And it happened because motor vehicles and factories were shut down during lockdown.

We all know that we are the ones who are responsible for the current situation. But now, it is time to understand that we are the power that can fight all the rising pollution issues. And we all need to do our part at our scale without a stop.

  • Awareness – It is very important to get aware of the pollution problems in our nearby environment. You can have daily checks on AQI and pm level of air pollution. See which are the areas near your residence where cleanliness is not being done properly. And before you look outside, make sure that you do an awareness check in your home.
  • Share Awareness – Keeping the good thoughts and whatever you have researched to yourself is not a good thing. Take off that jacket of being shy and share with people around you—aware your family members about the increasing pollution and how it will affect our lives in future. And aware people of the benefits of putting efforts to fight against the problem. You need to be high on motivation yourself, and you need to motivate others too.
  • Cleanliness – The first and the basic step that we all can take to fight pollution are to incorporate cleanliness as an important task in our daily schedule. And your cleanliness progression should not remain within your home. Promise yourself that you will not throw anything on the road until you find a dustbin for it. We can also opt to follow the garbage management system (keeping dry and wet garbage in different dustbins) that the hospitals follow.
  • Save Water – We all know that the earth has a limited amount of natural resources which are essential for living. And water is a natural resource that is extremely important. Due to increased global warming, water scarcity is becoming a problem for many countries. We can fight this one easily if we take an oath to save water. Getting leakages repaired, keeping taps off while brushing and washing hands, avoiding shower baths, and not washing our vehicles frequently are easy steps to help a lot.
  • Love For Greenery – With increasing pollution levels, carbon dioxide is also increasing, which leads to more death due to air pollution every year. Plants and trees are being thrashed for many different purposes. But people don’t consider planting trees as much. Start planting trees in areas near your home and areas where trees are in fewer numbers. Keep indoor plants in your home to fight air pollution strongly. You can buy plants online in Mumbai or whichever city you reside in.
  • Minimum Use Of Motor Vehicles – Pollution created by motor vehicles is without a doubt a major factor of rising pollution levels. You can minimize your use of motor vehicles, and it will surely bring some good results. Start using bicycles instead of cars and bikes to travel smaller distances. Opt for carpooling if you can and start traveling through public transport more often.
  • Other Little Changes – Avoid using polythene bags for shopping and carrying things. Start buying metallic water bottles instead of plastic bottles. Try to keep the temperature of ACs at 24 degrees as much as you can. Do not buy a new mobile phone or any other electronic gadget if you do not really need it. Start saving electricity whenever you can by switching off the fans and lights when not in use.

Together we all can make a difference!


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