Planning To Buy A Second Hand Toyota Innova Crysta? Do Consider These Pros And Cons!


Toyota Innova was a pathbreaker in its segment and probably one of the fastest-selling cars in that segment as well. If you are looking for an MPV with three rows of seats and have the budget, Toyota Innova seems like the most attractive option. The next-gen car Toyota Innova Crysta holds the same place in the market as the original model. If you have a limited budget and you still want the comfort of a Toyota Innova Crysta, then buying a second hand Toyota Innova Crysta is a good option. Before you take the leap of faith, here are a few points you need to consider. 

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Pros Of Buying Second Hand Toyota Innova Crysta 

  1. Spacious Enough to Accommodate More People – Toyota Innova Crysta is an excellent car for a joint family. This 7-seater is a boon for those who like to travel with their whole family and pets. The incredible space is a blessing for storing items as well as for travelling with the pack. 
  2. Reliable Powertrains – Innova Crysta is popular for being reliable in the long run. If the engine is maintained well, there will be very few and only circumstantial issues till almost 3 to 4 lakh kilometres. The indestructible build, durability, and reliability make this car perfect for rough and tough roads. This reliable car has other reliable components apart from the engine itself. The easy availability of Toyota car insurance as well as the instant availability of spare parts makes owning this car a better experience. This car should be insured from day one, given how the car can be used and how powerful the engine is. 
  3. Practical Design Offering Plenty of Benefits – Apart from the comfortable design meant to give ample space to every passenger, the other features in the car, like LED lamplights, mood lighting, and cruise control, make this car a joy to ride in and drive. 

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  1. Excellent Car at Affordable Price – This car is a well-rounded package, and you will get it at a much better price when you buy a second hand one. You will get all the features and benefits and will not have to shell out as much while buying it. When you are buying a second hand, Innova Crysta, you get the same car at a lesser price.  
  2. Perfect for Highways – A comfortable vehicle, Innova Crysta has an engine powerful enough to reach high speeds on the highway and handle uneven roads as well. The balanced suspension and handling on-road make it even better. 
  3. Brand Benefit – Toyota is a trusted brand with a reliable network of garages all over the country. It is a historically trusted and established brand. Toyota is not a luxury brand; however, the features that come with Toyota cars make owning these cars a positive experience. 

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Cons Of Buying Second Hand Toyota Innova Crysta 

  1. Hassle of Checking for Damages – While buying a second hand Innova Crysta, it is a necessity of the previous owner to declare all faults and damages and get most of them repaired as well. A technically sound engineer should check all the systems and give you an unbiased report before you buy the vehicle and sign any documentation. The hassle of going through the car and checking it thoroughly can be overwhelming. Should you happen to miss a spot, it can be an issue later, and consequential damage can lead to the shortening of the car’s life. 
  2. Documentation & Paperwork Might Require More Time – When you are buying a new car, the documentation and all of the paperwork are done by the dealer. However, when you are buying a second hand car, the transfer of ownership requires careful documentation and takes a longer time. When you are buying a second hand car, remember to look for these documents – registration certificate, PUC, car insurance, sale invoice, and No objection certificate from RTO. The insurance is offered, and the previous owner retains the insurance. When you buy the second hand, Innova Crysta, buy used car insurance to ensure your car is safe and insured from day 1 of ownership. 

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  1. Engine Might Not be as Powerful – The number of kilometers determines the wear and tear the engine suffers. The engine loses the ability to function at optimum potential after a while despite the best maintenance efforts. The engine might also be compromised due to the replacement of parts that may not be original. The usage and changing of fluids affect the life of the engine as well. The efforts of the previous owner are important in keeping the mileage and health of the engine intact. 

If you are planning to buy a second hand Innova Crysta, these are some of the pros and cons you need to consider. Making an informed decision will help you prepare for the cons and be vigilant while buying a second hand car. The best parts about an Innova Crysta are maintained when you buy a second hand car, and the reliability is why the resale value of this car is good too. 

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