How to Make Sure You Find the Perfect Pair of Birkenstocks for You


The very first time you slip on a pair of Birkenstocks is likely to change your life. From being anatomically designed to fit the shape of your feet to their environmentally-friendly credentials, there’s so much to love about this ubiquitous brand. And that’s even before their fashionable qualities are taken into consideration.

Indeed, the biggest issue when browsing the selection at Birkenstock India is deciding which pair of sandals are right for you! If the range of options seems a little overwhelming at first glance, don’t worry – this handy guide will help you narrow down the field of candidates and come away with the ideal footwear to complement your aesthetic.

Size matters

First thing’s first – a pair of shoes or sandals are only as good as they are comfortable. If you plump for ones that are too large or too small, you’ll soon find that your feet are in no little discomfort, regardless of how well made they are. The best way to determine which size of Birkenstocks fit you is to place your foot in them with the straps open. If your toes or heel reach the edge of sole or overlap it, they’re too small. If there is any more than 10mm between your toes and the edges of the shoe (and 5mm at the rear), the sandal is too large. Keep trying until you find the perfect fit.

Adjust the straps

After you’ve settled upon a size that satisfies your feet, it’s important to remember that the straps themselves can make all the difference in how comfortable a pair of Birkenstocks feel. Too loose and they can hang off as you walk and create friction, leading to blistering, too tight and you might experience chafing (and more blisters). But adjust them just right and you’ll get a perfect fit that feels snug on your sole, almost like a hug for your foot. The best part of all is that Birkenstocks generally don’t need any breaking-in time, so once you’ve gotten the dimensions and the tension right, your footwear will feel incredible from the get-go.

Consider the occasion

While Birkenstocks are renowned for the simplicity of their style, that doesn’t mean that all pairs are created equally. Different colors can complement different costume choices, so take the time to think about where and with what you’ll be wearing them. Classic brown leather with gold buckling is ideal for a leisurely look, while brighter colors like white or silver can offset bolder wardrobe choices with aplomb. Tailor your footwear to the rest of your fashion choices and you won’t go far wrong.

Feel free to experiment

As mentioned above, the first pair of Birkenstocks you buy are likely to live long in your memory. The cloud-like feeling of their specially contoured soles is simply wonderful underfoot, while the color and style you choose at the outset might create a pattern you’re tempted to follow. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t experiment with new styles and shades, since variety is the spice of life. You never know – you might even stumble across a pair that takes your fancy even farther than your original picks.

It’s no great mystery why Birkenstocks are the premium footwear preference for fashion-conscious individuals who prioritize both comfort and convenience. Which pair will you opt for next? Check out the full range at today. 


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