5 Ways to Improve Your Paper Writing Skills


5 Ways to Improve Your Paper Writing Skills

If you are in college paper writing forms a large part of your academic tasks. Your teachers use essays to assess your understanding of different concepts while at the same time enhancing your research and communication skills. Writing essays is not the most pleasant task as it takes a lot of your time and you have to select a topic, carry out research on your own and compile your ideas into an academic paper. To make your life in college easier, you should learn how to improve your writing skills.

This article highlights a few ways to make your essay writing skills better. Continue reading.

  1. Understand the Essay Prompt/Question

Take time to understand the essay question and all the requirements. Many students rush to begin their paper to get it out of the way and move on to more interesting stuff. If you want to stop struggling with your essays, it is important to understand the essay question or prompt and seek clarification if something is not clear. Look at the terms used such as analyze, consider, discuss, describe, recommend, explain and make sure you understand what you need to do. You should also stick to the recommended formatting style and follow any other guidelines provided by your professor.

  1. Diversify Your Research Sources

Many students struggle with their essay writing projects because of poor research. If you want to improve your writing skills, it is important to diversify your research sources. An advisory report on the Suny Empire State College website recommends going beyond traditional sources such as textbooks and looking for research materials from online sources including magazines and journals, writing services, indexes,and abstracts,  among others. These sources augment ideas you already have from your class notes and textbooks.

  1. Write Subjects That Interest You

One of the most important steps you should take when writing an essay is to pick the right topic. You need to identify a topic that interests you to make your research easier. You will find the motivation to do research and make your paper excellent. It is important to choose a subject that adds value to your field of study and which the reader will identify with.

  1. Note Making

You need to collect ideas as you continue your research and this calls for proper note making.  Once you gather ideas on the best topic to explore, you should make a point writing down all the ideas you find during research. Make sure you note down the sources for future reference.

Making notes is an important practice in academic research because the ideas you gather will form the body of your paper. Without these ideas, it is not possible to build your argument and convince the reader. The more ideas you gather, the better the quality of your essay.

  1. Outline your Writing

After gathering ideas for your paper, it is advisable to create an outline which details where different points will go. An essay outline works as your roadmap and guides your writing while at the same time ensuring all important find their way into the paper. When creating an outline, check then notes you have created during research and indicate where they will go in the paper.

A good essay outline should have a topic, introduction, thesis, body paragraphs each with a new topic and a conclusion to wrap up your ideas. In your introduction, make sure you make a convincing case for the reader to continue to the other sections. A powerful mind-provoking thesis redefines your writing and spikes the reader’s interest. Each body paragraphs should have a well-detailed idea with supporting arguments.

Planning is crucial in essay writing, and it is also important to create a schedule for your writing project. You can also find professional writing help online to boost the quality of your essay.

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