What are the processes to apply for online or offline gas connection ?


What are the processes to apply for online or offline gas connections

Today, every gas company has a website allowing customers to apply for a new connection without too much trouble. The process has come a long way from a couple of years back, now allowing people to get their connections online, without leaving their houses or travelling with documents to the office.

Various gas providers have slightly different documentation requirements but work around the same framework. Every gas company needs a KYC certificate submitted whether online or at the store, usually handed in with supporting certificates.

These are the documents needed when applying for a new connection.

  • Aadhaar card
  • Drivers license
  • Election card
  • Lease agreement, flat possession letter, or house registration document
  • Recent telephone, water, or electricity bill
  • Passport
  • Bank account or credit card statement

Some of these might not be major requirements but it would be advisable to hand in copies just in case. Furthermore, applicants cannot submit the same document as both proofs of identification and address and will have to switch to something else.

procedure to apply for a gas connection offline

If the application process is handled at the gas connection office, applicants should walk in and collect the forms. They have to fill the applications, submit them with the required certificates, and the gas company begins processing the information. They accordingly send an inspector to the house to connect the cylinder and make sure there aren’t any leakages.

procedure to apply for a gas connection online

The online process takes less than an hour if all the information is kept ready. It can be handled in a few short simple steps that have been detailed below.

  1. Register as a new customer on the gas website
  2. Create a new user and provide the required The website usually asks for the name and phone number of the individual
  3. Collect the login details from the SMS sent to the registered phone number and confirm They can then sign in to their accounts
  4. Apply for a new connection through the newly created account
  5. Fill out the online application forms with the requestion information and submit it
  6. Upload the supporting documents as and when needed and pick your nearest distributor

The website will then provide the next steps through email or SMS to keep all their applicants updated on the application process, their status, and the date that the company will send a technician home to handle the connection.

After getting the gas connection, since they already have their applicant’s contact details, they provide updates on their phones or through email and give them constant updates. Additionally, candidates can get in touch with the company quite easily. They can request cylinder changes, get in touch for equipment issues, apply for changes to their connection, or new gas books or cards with ease. Furthermore, the office is quite open about complaints and updating their clients on issues like delays in sending gas refills which is quite helpful.

Most gas companies also have apps making the process better through notifications and updates about the locality and specific dates on the same.

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