Do I need a gaming mouse for my gaming ?


Do I need a gaming mouse for my gaming ?

One question asked by many gamers is ‘do I need a gaming mouse for my gaming?’.In theory, you could potentially game without an actual dedicated gaming mouse, but you will be severely handicapping yourself. You certainly will not come anywhere close to being genuinely competitive with a cheap mouse that you picked up at your local Walmart. Let’s run through some of the benefits in this article.

Macro buttons

A standard mouse will have three buttons. For most things, this is fine, but not for gaming.

If you are in a competitive gaming environment, you need to be able to reach buttons within a fraction of a second. You can’t really afford to be darting around everywhere on your keyboard to do something ridiculously simple. If you find a quality gaming mouse, you will often see that it has a few programmable buttons on it. These buttons will line up with your fingers when you are using the mouse. You can program complicated actions to a single mouse button. It means that you will be able to react to things within a fraction of a second. Instantly, your gaming will be elevated.

Let’s give you an example. Let’s assume you are playing an online game like Counterstrike. You poke your head around the corner and see an ‘enemy’. He spots you and starts running towards you. You have a split second to toss a grenade in his direction. Would you rather:

Be reaching for that ‘grenade’ key on your keyboard, meaning your fingers are away from the movement keys for a second. Hit one button on your mouse and be able to keep running

If it is two, and we hope that it is number two, then you absolutely need to pick up a gaming mouse. You will be surprised at just how much better you can get at games with one. Don’t let your skill be limited by a poor-quality mouse.


When most serious gamers settle down for a gaming session, they are in it for the long haul.

A gaming mouse has been designed with this in mind. When you have your hands wrapped around one of these, it feels comfortable. The contours of the mouse have been designed to fit your hand perfectly. When they are comfortable, you don’t need to deal with the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome (a problem people often get when using a mouse for long periods of time), and the mouse is just a whole lot easier to move around your mouse mat. This means the ability to react far quicker to what is going on in your game.

Adjust Sensitivity

You have full control over the sensitivity of your gaming mouse. Some will allow you to adjust the sensitivity ‘on the fly’ too. This is important, particularly in online First-Person Shooter’ games. In those sorts of games, you need the mouse to just be sensitive enough to be able to move it quickly, but not sensitive that you are going to be overshooting your target.


A gaming mouse will be built to a far higher standard that your traditional mouse. This is because these peripherals have been designed to be put under a lot of pressure and be used for hours and hours each day. Yes. They are going to cost a little bit more but treat your gaming mouse well and there is no reason why it can’t provide you with years and years of happy use.

They look cool

OK. This is probably not the first thing that people think about when it comes to ‘do i need a gaming mouse for my gaming’. But, let’s be honest for a second, most gaming computers look amazing. They have bright LED lights. That sort of thing. Why match it up with a cheap, plastic mouse? Get something really cool. Something with a bit of color. It will match everything else with your gaming system well. After all, you have spent a ton of cash on your gaming computer or laptop. A proper gaming mouse is just a fraction of that cost. Why not just spend a tiny little bit more.

If you are looking for the best gaming mouse, you should consider the Razer gaming mouse. Visit their site here.

So, in summary; if you are looking to take your gaming to the ‘next level’, then you need a gaming mouse. Not only do they look great, but they are incredibly functional. With the right mouse at your fingertips, you will be highly competitive when it comes to the games that you play.

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