Rituals : What is Mundan Sanskar in Hindu ?


What is Mundan Sanskar in Hindu ?

“Mundan” a phase through which every kid goes! Well, they don’t even know what is it, but their parents do realize that what is Mundan or Mundana and why is it important. But have you every imagined that what do we call Mundan Sanskar in English? Actually, its beyond our imagination because all we know that it is a tradition followed for the new bornies but the fact is we have never imagined what we can call Mundan Sanskar in English.

You must be wondering that what will be the meaning of Mundan Sanskar in English, right? Well, there are many names by which you can call Mundan Sanskar in English. Before we proceed and checkout some amazing names of mundan ceremony, we will first see what Mundan Sanskar or mundan ceremony is :

Mundan : Tonsure

When a new baby is born, they bring happiness in the family. After few months or when the baby becomes of 1 or 2 years, an act is performed on them in which their heads are shaved. Their first head. It is mandatory in the Hindu religion and apart from Hindu religion, this act is also performed by some native Americans and few Muslims.

This ceremony is not specifically for boys or girls. Both genders get their first hair shaved. It is kind of blessing from god that if they will shave their first hair, the new hairs that will come will be smooth, soft and strong. Sikh is the religion who do not believe in this religion but if you are a Sikh and reading this then surely you also might be excited to know that what do people call the Mundan Sanskar in English, right? Don’t worry we will see that soon.

Scientific Reason Behind Mundan

The scientific reason behind mundan is, when mundan is done of a new born child the body absorbs more Vitamin D which is needed to them for their proper growth.

Moving forward, lets see by what names we can call Mundan Sanskar in English,

Mundan Sanskar in English

  • Tonsure ceremony
  • Chudakarana ceremony

Normally there is no such particular Mundan Sanskar in English but mentioned above are the two names by which it is popular.

Wrapping up

So, we are wrapping up here, we hope that you now know what does Mundan Sanskar in English. If you found this information interesting, share it with your friends because there might be many people who might not be knowing that what does Mundan Sanskar mean in English and you will find it good to share it with your friends, family and other relatives.

Stay tuned if you want to read more about such interesting topics. We will be back soon. Till then save your time to read out our content, go out have fun with your friends, enjoy your life, explore, do something new each day, make new memories, meet new people and have fun. These days will never come back. And don’t forget to come back here! We will be right back!

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