Make Your Preparation for Microsoft DP-200 Exam Dynamic and Effective via Practice Tests


Make Your Preparation for Microsoft DP-200 Exam Dynamic and Effective via Practice Tests

Microsoft has recently brought many new changes to most of its certification models. The company continues to focus on the Azure credentials and aligns the learning paths with specific skills that are in high demand in the job market. Among the latest role-based Azure certificates available in the market, there is an exam that is popular because of the certification you may get. This is Microsoft DP-200. That is why, in this article, we will pay your attention to this test and show you how to prepare for it in the most interesting and effective way. After reading this post, you will understand everything about this exam. Without much ado, let’s check out the details of the DP-200 Dumps test.

What is Microsoft DP-200 exam?

First and foremost, the learners should understand what kind of exam it is before moving on to decide whether it is worth their money, time, and effort, or not. The test is titled as implementing an Azure Data Solution. It was introduced by Microsoft in January 2019 and is now a requirement for earning the Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate certification. It is actually one of the two exams required for obtaining it. There is another technical test that is related to this credential. It is known as Microsoft DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution. These are the two tests that you need to complete with the passing score.

As for the exam format, Microsoft DP-200 typically includes about 40-60 questions in total. Actually, the question types are somehow similar to what you will find in other Azure certification tests. Thus, you can face with multiple-choice, build-list, and multiple-select questions. There are usually about 4 or 5 questions involving case studies and they evaluate the candidates’ overall architectural skills. You can also encounter the following types of questions: hot area, active screen, fill-in-the-blank, drag, and drop, etc. The number of questions may vary for different exam instances, but it usually doesn’t exceed 60 and doesn’t go below 40. The time limit is 180 minutes with extra 30 minutes for signing the non-disclosure agreement, reading the instructions, and providing feedback.

The Microsoft DP-200 exam is aimed at testing the individual’s ability to accomplish the following technical tasks:

  1. Implement data storage solutions;
  2. Optimize and monitor data solutions;
  3. Develop and manage data processing.

The certification test is available in various languages, such as English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. The exam fee is $165.

What are the requirements for attempting MicrosoftDP-200 exam?

There are actually no official prerequisites for attempting this exam. In fact, these prerequisites are optional. The individuals can have hands-on experience in data analytics. To be precise, it is one or more years of experience as data architects, data professionals, or business intelligence professionals. It will also be an advantage for the candidates to have a background in architecture and the definition of Azure data solutions. They can also be able to deliver the content from data platform technologies on Azure. However, those applicants who are confident that they can clear this Microsoft exam without these requirements can go ahead and take the test.

If you are unsure of your level of knowledge regarding Azure services, you can take the AZ-900 exam to earn the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals certification. Those candidates who have obtained this credential have the foundational knowledge on the subject matter. However, you can opt to skip this certificate if you are confident about your expertise in Azure basics.

How can you prepare for Microsoft DP-200 exam?

This exam has only been around for less than a year, that is why there are not so many study materials available for the candidates. But this should not be a matter of concern because Microsoft, which is the accredited body for this test, is here to help you. If you are going to take the DP-200 exam, all you need to do is enroll with Microsoft so that you can gain access to whatever the company offers the students on its website. This can help you with your preparation process. There are a number of official study materials for Microsoft DP-200 and for the certification path with this test on the webpage. There are also practice tests and a huge community of users.

After sampling the official training resources from the Microsoft website, the individuals should also sample extra preparation tools from other reliable platforms. There are very useful, verified, and comprehensive study materials on the Exam-Labs website. Here, the learners can get practice tests, video tutorials, braindumps and even take the recommended training courses. All these are meant to help you pass your Microsoft DP-200 exam.

Having all these preparation resources and the basic information about the certification test at your disposal indicates that you are on the right path to clearing Microsoft DP-200 at your first attempt. But use these study materials wisely. You need to create a schedule to follow during your preparation days. Develop a plan and include the resources you have in it. It will help you navigate through everything you have. But don’t overwork yourself, leave certain days for your rest and take breaks between your studying. Anyway, you will not be able to cover everything in a single session or learn a new material without some rest. Your head cannot work 24/7. Form a model of learning that will be convenient for you and give it a shot.


As from January 31, 2019, Microsoft has made changes to its certification program. Now it requires the candidates seeking to obtain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate credential to clear two exams – Microsoft DP-200 and Microsoft DP-201. This certificate can be a very big step towards your new high-paying job and your journey towards a lucrative and great career. The benefits of adding the Microsoft DP-200 certification exam to your CV cannot be overemphasized.

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