How Can Students Do MDCAT Preparation Online?


How Can Students Do MDCAT Preparation Online ?

Online study has dominated the conventional ways of the study. Nowadays, students are shifting from academies to online education for MDCAT preparation which saves them from many hustles. There are few steps which student can follow to do MDCAT preparation online.

Find the best online learning portal

To do online MDCAT preparation student has to find the platform where he can study at his own pace. He would find himself with many options while surfing the internet for this purpose. But he has to choose the best learning platform.

Top Grade is the need of the hour. It is the best MDCAT Online Preparation portal. This platform has all in one which accommodates students in every aspect.

Fulfil the procedure to get the login details

After landing on the right place student should complete the procedure to get the login details. For this purpose, he must surf the website keenly. If any issue occurs, he must contact the owner for it. A good website must have some contact number on its site. Take a day or two to finish the procedure and get the login details as early as one can. Time is necessary for MDCAT preparation for sure. So one must not procrastinate about it.

Make Schedule & Routine

Time management is a big task while preparing for the test. The student must know how to manage time. He should make some schedule to done things smoothly. Consider all the factors while making it. Just try to be fair with yourself while accomplishing this task.

The student must set feasible goals on daily basis and try hard to achieve them at the end of the day. This will encourage the student to do more. Slow and steady the speed will automatically increase. Try not to miss the concept in the greed of doing more.

Gather the Tools

After getting the login details, now students must know that what their tools are. Grab the notebook for making notes. Must have pen and pencils while preparing for the entrance exam. It will help them a lot while preparing online. Therefore, by doing this five minutes, exercise students do not need to leave the chair during preparation. Keeping all the necessary things with them will definitely double the speed.

Listen to the Lectures

The necessary prerequisite has done now; one must start the preparation. Furthermore, Students need to follow some easy steps to complete his preparation.

Online learning platform must have video/audio lectures to offer. The 24/7 availability of the content is the prominent feature of online education. This will help students throughout the MDCAT session.

The student must listen to the lecture until he feels confident about the concept. Try to figure out the points on which teacher enforce more focus.

Make Notes

According to the research, if a person writes something then he will automatically inherit it by 25%. Therefore, making notes of the important topics will help students in learning quickly and efficiently. The student should make notes after taking lectures according to his understanding of a topic.

Proper technique should be followed while making notes. Try to write the tricky concepts and revise them at the end of the day.

These notes will not only help during preparation but it will also prove vital one night before the exam. They will help the student to revise even a lengthy topic in a few minutes.

Solve Practice Tests Daily

Practice makes a man perfect is true indeed. Hence, Students after listening to the lecture should solve some practice tests online to assess his preparation on regular basis. Therefore, He should take tests of the topic he prepares daily. This an exercise which should be done daily.

Notable online feature of practice tests gives assurance to the students about their preparation. By doing this student would know about his strengths and lacking. This will allow him to choose the topics and subjects which demands his more concentration and focus.

Revise Notes

After giving practice tests, he should revise notes to lock his preparation of the particular topic. Thus, the revision of notes on daily basis is the dire need for right preparation. Many students perform poorly in the test only due to the lack of revision. The notes one has already made and the notes online portal offer are enough for healthy revision at the end of a day.

Concentration and Determination are the Essential Ingredients

Learning without a direction will do no good to a student. No one will clear the test if he/she does not know what he/she is doing. Concentration is necessary for the preparation.

One must listen to the lectures with full concentration. Should listen to the teacher carefully. If a student loses concentration, then he will lose marks in return. Therefore, to save marks logics need to be clear and this can be only possible when a student is paying 100% attention.

The determination should be high. Without determination, no one can ace this test. If a student is not willing to surrender himself for this test, then nobody can guarantee him results.

Analyze Your Performance Daily

Preparing an online student can analyze his/her performance daily. The performance analysis graph will show him about his growth. Whether is upward or downward. While preparing for one of the biggest entrance exams of the year he must consider his growth seriously. After doing that try to make necessary amendments in his preparation strategy.


Online preparation has done great for the students. One must listen to the lectures, take tests, revise notes and repeat. This fundamental phenomenon would seriously help them to grow in the right direction.

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