Make Your Child Eat Food with These Moral Stories 


Make Your Child Eat Food with These Moral Stories 

Do you remember the writer Vishnu Sharma and Ruskin Bond? Only those who live in sheer isolation may have not heard of them. 

They carry a great significance simply because the child-centric moral stories of these eminent writers have not only been every child’s childhood memories but also inculcated moral values in them and led them to grow as a sublime individual. Back then, these moral story books used to be the source of entertainment for the kids and to impart moral values to them. 

If you are a parent, grandparents, or guardian looking after kids, then you must read this article.

Nowadays, with omnipresent technology, kids are more into watching cartoons on mobile, TV or other such smart gadgets. They do not read books anymore. Therefore, to deal with stubborn kids of today’s time, it is important to have a great collection of moral storybooks.

Why Choose Moral Storybooks for Your Kids ?

Well, the most important concern for parents nowadays is the food eating habits of their kids. They throw a lot of tantrums to finish even a one-time meal. You can make your child eat food with these moral stories.

The stories of Panchatantra, where animals are the subject or the main character of the stories, which in turn is fun to learn for the kids. Besides, animal stories are relatable and filled with wisdom. The kids relate to the animal stories articulated in the best possible manner.

Advantages of Choosing

Moral Storybooks for Your Children

Apart from that, to shape up the moral compass of your children while making them eat food these moral storybooks are of great help. It intrigues your child and their curious mind will make them eat the food while listening to these moral stories.

  •         These moral stories motivate your child and make them a person with good moral values and ethics.
  •       Moral stories play a vital role in building a child’s strong moral character as it mainly infuses virtues in kids.
  •         Inculcating values from childhood in the mind of the child stay forever, as they are highly naive at a tender age.
  •         Besides, moral stories enhance verbal prowess and boost creativity in them.
  •         Having such storybooks with fun tales impart good values.

Some of The Moral Story Books That You Can Read Out to Your Child Are :

Some of the moral stories that you can recite and make your child eat food with these moral stories are animal stories from

  •         Panchatantra
  •         Grandma’s Bag of stories
  •         Great stories for children
  •         children’s stories with a moral
  •         101 Bedtime stories
  •         151 Moral Stories, etc.

Reading them these moral stories will interest them and you can ask them to eat food if they want to listen to the stories. Some of the legendary writers like Ruskin Bond, Sudha Murthy, Vishnu Sharma, Sergey Nikolov, and others have written epic moral stories.

Apart from that, some renowned publication houses publish moral storybooks for kids with colorful images and wonderful outlook that attracts young minds. With these moral stories, it will be easier for you to feed your child by distracting them in the right valuable direction.

You can even read out the stories during bedtime. This will make them fall asleep fast and at the same time, they will learn some good human values. They will eat food and listen to good stories and eventually, they will develop a reading habit.

Bottom line

Build your child’s interest in food with these moral stories and at the same time, inculcate immeasurable values. Imparting virtues through these stories will make them kind, caring, alert, loving, and they will get to know the value of discipline, timeliness, truth, good deeds and develop other good habits from childhood. This will build a strong personality of your child with a great moral character.

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