How to Make the Best Multiple-Choice Questions Test ?


How to Make the

Best Multiple-Choice Questions Test

Exams are meant to judge and acknowledge the learning skills of the students. Multiple choice questions can easily determine the understanding of a concept that a student has. Making a multiple-choice question test is considerably better than those long lengthy paragraphs which exaggerates the answers and lose the meaning and main points of the topic. A multiple-choice test is an objective assessment that allows you to choose a single option as a correct answer among the other offered options. You can easily access the knowledge that a learner has by assessing him through a multiple-choice questions test.

The Benefits of making a multiple-choice question

A multiple-choice question test is considered to determine the learning of a candidate in a much more accurate manner than having a subjective question paper. The benefits of making a multiple-choice question test are listed below:

  • The grading becomes quite easier.
  • As the test is accomplished by selecting a single option from the multiple choices given, the test is better to be made for factual topics.
  • Avoids ambiguity of answers.
  • A numerous number of questions can be made on multiple topics.

Measure the intelligence

A multiple-choice question test can easily measure the intelligence of the students. You can cover the entire syllabus in a single objective test. While making the test, giving options to choose among, you must avoid ambiguity; for example, whilst making a question for a costume decision of a super villain, you can give the option of a Joker costume along with ordinary villains.

How to build an effective test

While making a multiple-choice question test, as an examiner, make sure to avoid ambiguity and clear the meaning of the question. The following recommendations can help you to design an effective test.

  • Keep the format simple

The format of the test must be simple and understandable. Offer the students with options and answers that are quite considerate to choose. Having a complex format for the test can make the student focus and process the answers adequately.

For example: giving an option ‘A and B, but not C’ makes the student wonder what statements are favoring the question. Research is what a complex format demands for, close related answers as options can be tricky and would make the students process their minds by focusing on the questions.

  • Do not follow a similar pattern

While making a test, make sure to not maintain a similar answer pattern. As you offer option A as a correct answer for one question, make sure to place another option as an answer for the next one. If you have been maintaining a pattern of a, b and c for the first three questions, do not repeat the pattern.

Having a same pattern makes the student wonder that the pattern is repeated.

  • Create questions that engage real world cognitive processes

The test makers must design the test comprising of questions that engage real world cognitive processes. Add questions that require thinking and reasoning. The students should think and analyze the question before making any judgement. Make it feel like you’re asking them to pull off an airborne operation of their lives, when their nation is in dire need. And, add brainier beliefs in their mind, telling them you’re going to fly high with valor while wearing a pilot’s glorified Maverick Jacket.

Such a test will improve the learning skills of the students and would make them analyze the basics of the concepts.

  • Avoid using ‘none of the above’ and ‘all of the above’

As the ‘none of the above’ option is supposed to correct, the students are exposed to incorrect information given in the statement and they do not have access to the correct information. This leads them to not to focus on the correct details and get manipulated with the wrong information.

Whereas, ‘all of the above’ exposes a lot of correct information to the students which makes them quite sluggish to recall the information they had. The learning procedure becomes quite rapid and they do not have the access to their memory where they can think of the correct option.

  • Use only three possible options

Go with the Goldilocks principle that states; not too many, nor too few. Make a test that holds three plausible response options, it will make the student learn from their memories without making it a hard task to encounter.

  • Make the test challenging

The test must be challenging for the students but at the same time, it should be easy enough for about 80% of the students to get a passing grade. The purpose of a multiple-choice question test is to access the knowledge of the students and let them revive the information that they have learned. Along with the challenging test, the test must not be a burden to the students. Let them succeed the test by reviewing their previous knowledge. In this scenario, Ujackets challenge other leather jacket seller domains by providing you authenticated picture-perfect cosplay guides of your favorite characters – Joaquin Joker DIY is one of its biggest examples.

Thus, a multiple-choice question test can allow the students to go through their memory and access the knowledge that they have received earlier. The objective test is efficient and easier for both the test-taker and the test-maker.

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