What is Machine Languge ?


What is Machine Languge :

We all speak different languages, humans speak human language, animals speak their language, and so on. Similarly, computers (machine) speaks machine language , makes sense? Of course it does makes sense when put this way, and it is pretty much very accurate too. Since, computer is an electronic device, therefore, it only understands the language the electronic signals, which can either be an ‘on’ or an ‘off’ (1 or 0 respectively). These are the only two states that a machine can respond to, and using these two states (0&1) many combinations can be formed such as 01010 (which is the binary for ‘A’). Now, if we look this way the language that we speak in is the English language and it has 26 characters all the way from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ and we use combinations made up of these characters to communicate with each other. Same is in the case of computers, the language that they communicate in binary language (since it only to characters, therefor the name binary) and it has only two characters ‘0’ and ‘1’ and the computer uses combinations made up of these characters to communicate and represent information and also to understand it. The characters in English language are called ‘alphabets’ and the characters in binary language are called ‘bits’ (short form for Binary Digits).

From this we can conclude that, machine language is a series binary digits (of 0s and 1s) to which a computer responds directly. All the instructions to which a computer responds directly are all in machine language which can either be in binary or in hexa-decimal format. And this is exactly the definition of machine language. Now, what is hexadecimal? It is a number format similar to the number format that we use, the decimal format which consists of digits from ‘0’ to ‘9’. The hexa-decimal is an extension of the decimal format, it has all the digits of the decimal system and few additional ones too. These additional ones range from ‘A’ to ‘F’, so the hexa-decimal number system has ‘0’ to ‘9’ and then goes up from ‘A’ to ‘F’. in total it has 16 characters or digits. And each of these characters also have their binary representation, for example binary for ‘A’ is 1010.

Now, a language which is made up of all these characters and their combinations is called the machine language. And the computer (machine) can directly respond to this type of language.


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