Best Ways to Measure Link Quality for Better SEO Ranking


Best Ways to Measure Link Quality for

Better SEO Ranking

SEO | Internet marketing has been here for decades and it has been here as long as people started using the internet for everything. Websites have become better and well -structured more than ever and thus starts a war for the ranking of the website so that yours can be visible on the top page for results. There are a lot of parameters and metrics the ranking of a page depends on which is why we need to take every extra step possible. One of the significant of the many things for visibility of the website is link building and the quality of the link.

Link quality is one of the main significant factors which is more than the inbound links that are present on your website. Instead of having 1000s of backlinks which are not effective at all, find a few quality backlinks which are immensely popular and can be a huge boost to your website ranking page. There are various effective guest blogging services available out there for those who want a part of those quality links. Effective link building is fine but how to measure the quality of the link? How do you know how good the quality is so that it can do well in Google rankings?

Let’s find out those parameters and metrics on which the link quality is dependent mostly:

  • Page Rank

Page Rank, also generally termed as PR, which is basically Google’s prime equation to measure the website quality. It ranks the quality of a website from a scale of 0 to 10 which 0 being the worst and 10 being excellent. Here, if you want your website to score higher, you need to bring some backlinks from good and famous websites to your website.

This makes it more trustworthy and genuine than ever. This way, the audience or the users will connect to your content or your products and the make up a certain image in mind. This way link building is quite essential and it is even more than Google thinks. Google thinks that since your website contains quality links from already established websites, people will want to stay on your website a little bit longer and go through the content.

In the rank equation, there is another metric known as the share factor or the spread factor. This is completely based on where you stand. If you have many links, then the SEO of the links is less. On the contrary, if you are one of the four links of a very popular page, then there are high chances of your website being one of the best. Also, if you are somewhere as the 40th commenter on a low ranking website then that is not going to help you much.

  • Domain Authority 

DA or Domain Authority is one of the other factors or parameters determining the link quality. SEO moz calculates DA and it is basically to know how relevant the link is to the website. It checks everything like does it match with the keywords, how much is the authority, what will be the ranking of the website with the given keywords etc.

There is another crucial thing that you all need to know that DA or Domain Authority is not a root domain metric. So when Google ranks a website, it makes sure that the quality links which are already existent are relevant to the content on the website. This is quite essential as they take the issue of relevance quite seriously.

  • Page Authority

So when we talk about Page Authority, what we mean over here is the amount of influence you will receive from the page that you are receiving the link from. There are high PA pages and there are low ones but the high PA pages are shared frequently which is why they are perhaps linked to in a lot of quantities.  So when you get a high PA page linked to your website, it is pretty cool because you get a huge boost in your rankings and the audience will definitely value this page.

If you want to figure out all this, you can do so by installing a few plugins that can help you add some extra features and enhance your chances of better SEO ranking. You have SEO Site Tools which is one of the best tools to figure out the ranking factors for your website.

With this tool, you can know the Page ran of the website you visit without even using a command. You can know everything you want to know about the website. Thus, you will know which websites to use for link building and it is beneficial for websites that are finding other websites which are relevant to each other.


Thus, once you are aware of the link building quality and how it is measured by Google, you can build a great link building campaign. You can also opt for link building services where experts will find quality links and build your site for getting the most beneficial results.

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