What is Light Peak Technology ?


Light Peak Technology :

Light Peak Technology unveiled by Intel by the virtue of which data can be transferred between the computer and its peripherals at a blazing speed, 10 Gb/s approx., which in case you wonder is freaking fast. And at this rate you can transfer a full Blu-Ray movie within 30 seconds, that is how fast this technology is.

This technology uses fiber optics within the computer system for the transfer of data. Fiber optic work on the phenomenon of T.I.R. or Total Internal Reflection, and here, data travels in form of light through a path that is made up of glass fibers. This also means that via fiber optic data can travel at the speed of light (299,792,458 m/s), which is really very fast. The setup for fiber optic requires an optical transceiver, which is typically the size of a normal cigarette box and of course the fiber optic cable. This transceiver contains many tiny lasers and photo cells, which helps establish the connection. The transceiver can deliver up to two channels of information over the fiber-optic-cable as the computer needs at least two ports. Inside each transceiver there are two tiny lasers of 250 microns width that transmit the light over each channel. Accompanying the lasers is a matching pair of photo detectors that receive the light form lasers at the other end of the channels.

Now, what Intel has done, it has made this transceiver fairly small enough, approximately the size of a very thin dime. And optical cables are already small enough, they are 125 microns thin (wide) each, which is roughly as thin as a human hair. And Intel is also working on making this technology cheap enough to be incorporated into our computers as the current cost for setting up a fiber-optic connection is quite high. And Intel executives are working hard to make it this cheap so that the customers as well as the manufacturers don’t have to face any problem in adapting to this technology or manufacturing it. Intel is also planning to scale up the already blazing transfer rate up to a 100 Gb/s.

This Light Peak Technology is a pretty cool to look out for and it is going to completely change the overall computer experience that we have today as there are many advantage of using the fiber-optic over normal cables beside the speed factor. And soon enough USB would become a part of history and light peak would have become a norm.


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