How to Join & Share WhatsApp group Links


How to Join & Share WhatsApp group Links

Social media is a very much talked about topic of discussion today as it can be argued to be a blessing our generation. Social media has help improve and given us better options and ways of staying connected to those we love wherever they are in the world and we can spread news and information quicker through social media.

The biggest revolution in the history of communication is social media in this era and having lots of platforms like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Whatsaap. All these are having their own existence in the world of social media in worldwide. Every Platform gives us a different level of opportunity to do more and more things. From work to entertainment means everything is in just some clicks and you can find whatever you need.

Whatsaap is an application with lots of features such as uploading of the files, sending images and videos. Once the application is installed, it can automatically import the contacts from the Smartphone providing information of the users. According to sources Whatsaap has 1 billion active users in over 180 countries. This application became more popular because it has free text messaging Application in worldwide which is full of free no cost needed and there is no limit for texting it means unlimited text can be sent.

With the help of Whatsaap, you can not only share status but also send the information and location too. Information about the events can be shared by creating a group of friends on WhatsApp. It is the fastest way to get connected to any related particular topic. Jokes and meme also shares in the group.

When there it comes a point that we have to send a single message to bunch of people then Whatsaap Group messaging is the best just create a group and message there once. In a Whatsaap group up to 256 added. Whatsaap message from the sender, instead of being included in a huge group chat that will quickly get out of hand.


Step 1 :- Before you create Whatsaap group links you must first check whether your Whatsaap has been updated with latest version.

Step 2:- Select the particular group and click the menu icon.

Step 3:- Go to ‘Group Info’ and tap on + (add member) option.

Step 4:- Go to invite ‘group via link’.

By following this steps you can get your ‘WHATSAAP GROUP LINK’ now you can share your Whatsaap Group Link wherever you want to share.


Step 1:- Click on the Whatsaap group link. After that everything will happen automatically.

Final Note

By following these steps you can create Whatsaap group link and join Whatsaap group. The process is so easy just few steps and you will be able to get the result. Most of the people don’t know this feature. Even all of these if any user get trouble you can comment and ask you will try help you out.

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