JEE Main Final Months Preparation


If your JEE Main exam is in 2-3 months and you are wondering how to begin your final days’ prep after finishing the syllabus, you are in the perfect place to figure out the most feasible way to do that. However, if you click this link without studying anything for the previous year or so and expecting to still be in the top rankers, we are sorry to break it to you that the probability of that happening is very grim, but, you can still secure a good enough rank to ensure a tier 1 engineering college as JEE Main is more theoretical compared to JEE advanced so it does not require as much practice.

So, without any further ado, we are going to begin summarising different important things required to ace the final days of preparation for your JEE Main exam.

Revise EVERYTHING you have studied

It is really important to revise everything you have studied till now in the following final months before your exam. The JEE syllabus is enormous so it is natural that you have forgotten lots of things you studied probably a year and a half earlier, therefore it is important to recall everything you have studied until now to make sure those hours you put in initially to study a topic do not go to waste.

If you had joined a coaching institute for your preparation, we recommend going through the example problems in the modules along with your notes. If you have not maintained any presentable notes in your preparation, you can always check out the JEE Mains 2020 Question Paper for revising the syllabus.

If you are reading this article at a time when your exam is less than a month away, we strongly suggest that you do NOT start any new topic and instead focus only on revising the ones you have studied already. Starting a new topic at this point of time will only weaken the ones you have already studied by blurring your memory with new content.


Attempt as many Sample Papers as possible

Right after wrapping up your syllabus, you should start giving one mock test at least 5 days a week. You can use the previous years’ papers for the mock tests as there were almost 30 shifts in 2020 itself you will have plenty of question papers to practice. If you want other question papers than the previous years’ ones you can either look up online for a variety of sample papers available for free just a few clicks away or buy a test series from a coaching institute for convenience. Make an exam day environment around you whenever you are attempting these mocks, preferably attempt them in the time slot allotted to you for the exam.

Also do not forget to analyze the papers you attempt properly. Calculate your optimum marks in each attempt to boost your self-confidence. Figure out the areas you are committing the most mistakes in and strengthen them. Try completing the mock tests in 2 hours and 40 minutes to create some cleavage in the final exam.


Take Care of your Physical and Mental Health

It is very important to not adversely affect your physical and mental health because of diving too deep in your preparation. Ensure that you eat well and take care of your health in this Coronavirus environment as you do not want to fall sick during these days.

Keep check of your mental health by doing some detoxing exercises. Talking with friends and family helps too if you are comfortable with them. Make sure that you are not that involved in your preparation that you forget life outside that as it will take a serious toll on your mental health. 

Seek help if you need to, do not keep problems inside yourself talk with your loved ones. You can also contact the mental health helplines if you need to.


DO NOT Get Disheartened if you mess up your first attempt

This is a really crucial thing that you do not lose your heart and mind over the result of your first attempt. You still have at least one more attempt so make sure to analyze your first attempt and improve on the things you could improve on. Again do not try to learn something new in the gap between the two attempts instead focus on strengthening the topics you already know and minimizing your errors.


Identify your strengths and weaknesses

While it is important to strengthen your weak topics, you should not ignore the topics you are good at. You should keep in mind that you can get a very good rank with just a 60-70% score so focus on acing the questions from the topics you are good at and you can even ignore the rest 20-30% of the paper. Make sure that you correctly attempt the questions which are from your strong topics and not ponder over the ones you can not solve for too long. Once again solving a lot of mocks will help you a lot in identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Maintain a record of the questions you are unable to answer in the mocks and note down the topics they cover. In this way, after attempting a significant number of mock tests, you will begin seeing a pattern that will help you determine your strengths and weaknesses.


JEE Main preparation definitely requires a lot of dedication and hard work. However, if you do not use the final days wisely, all those 2 years of hard work can go to waste. Do not forget to revise everything you have studied so far along with attempting lots of mock tests. Analyze your performance in these mocks and work on improving it by a little bit with each paper you are going to attempt with identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Last but not the least, take care of your physical and mental health and never get disheartened as it is not the end of the world. We wish you lots of luck with your exam:)


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