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IPL Cheerleaders Salary

IPL Cheerleaders Salary | The cricket season is on and this is the 12th edition of the tournament which is offered by vivo this time. IPL started in 2008 and from that year to current year, in summers the series of matches between cricket teams starts, the name of teams in IPL is the name of the state plus many international cricket players play in these matches from their team.

This isn’t a cricket tournament of but a festive season of sport in India, Indians are crazy for this sport and pay thousands to buy a ticket of IPL. And being a citizen of India, people are always curious to know about what is the IPL Cheerleaders Salary and how much they got paid for entertaining the fans with their amazing dance moves right?

If yes, you have definitely landed on the right page, because, here you will find the actual or let’s say approximate information about IPL Cheerleaders Salary and after going through the complete guide you will be clear and knowing that what is IPL Cheerleaders Salary.

IPL Cheerleaders Salary
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The IPL not only profits players and audiences it profits all stakeholders involved in IPL from even organisers to BCCI who grant permission for these kind of tournament in India, even advertisers for popularising their brands on TV adds, stadium, T-shirt, bat etc. and even owners of the team who purchase auctioned players and hope to win the series so that huge amounts can be recovered.

Equally all sport in India is appreciable but cricket is the most popular one, India have been actively participating in Olympics, Asian games, commonwealth, world cup but this IPL is considered as one of the richest series.

Moreover, to promote other sport a few years back, similar to IPL pro-kabaddi, BPL, kho-kho is also started here also the active participation of the audience have generated spirit in the game.

IPL Cheerleaders Salary
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Because the arrival of international players in such league means globally the sport is considered by many therefore the financing in the league increases which in turn motivates audience and players to play to continue the sport.

The interesting fact of these league matches are, new players are show-cased and can make their name easily.

But few gamblers sabotage the image of the game which reduces the confidence of people in the sport and forced to think that every match is fixed and pre-assumed.

Inside the field, not only players and empires are active but also the cheerleaders of a particular team plays a crucial role in motivating their team. Whenever a cricketer hits sixes or a boundary the cheerleaders cheer and show their performance to everyone.

The cheerleaders are majority girls and it is nothing wrong because female models are preferred for this role because there mighty feminine personality is pleased everywhere.

It is not an easy job for sure, because every time actively they need to dance so much energy and stamina s required to work the whole day, also the physical exercise is important to keep the body ratio in balance.

IPL Cheerleaders Salary
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IPL Cheerleaders Salary

  • In IPL cheerleaders are paid much higher salary from their respective teams and proper audition happens to select for cheerleaders role.
  • Plus the extra bonus is given to them whose team win the series. The average IPL Cheerleaders Salary of any team for the per match is: INR 14000 –INR 17000.
  • The bonus is also given as the team plays or according to the pleasant environment created by the cheerleaders, INR 5000-INR 7000 is given. So for 2 months in the summer the salary the cheerleaders get is appreciable.
  • It is ethical to give decent amount as IPL Cheerleaders Salary as these are the glam of the event and even foreign models are taken for cheering, there is not discrimination of wage between Indian and foreign models just the team owners decides how much ratio of wage to give to the cheerleaders, some teams give more and some give less, which is told to them before selecting them in the audition.
  • Moreover, apart from the basic IPL Cheerleaders Salary for staying in the top hotels, their food, accommodation and even traveling expense is patronized by team owners, so being a cheerleader in IPL is a great experience.
  • There is always a group of critics who question this profession, why girls need to be danced! The thing is weather matches played by men or women, if cheerleaders cheers by dancing then for women match it is correct and for men it seems as erroneous, it was the heated debate a few years back but the models itself choose this profession for themselves so if they are okay with it, then society’s critics should also widen their thought.
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Wrapping Up!

This was all about IPL Cheerleaders Salary. When ever the IPL season starts, the cricket fans become really excited and its amazing to watch the crowd at the stadium watching the match live and adoring their favourite players.

 Last year Chennai Super Kings won the cup and this year also all teams are performing at an amazing level. We hope that may the best team win the IPL game. Every heart at present is enjoying the league without taking stress about who will win and we want them to keep enjoying.

If you are also a cricket fan and do not want to miss watching your favourite cricket players playing live then stop everything, use the internet and book the tickets for the next match.

IPL happens every year and every year we get to see some improvement in all the teams and this year also they are winning hearts.

Now, as you know what is the IPL Cheerleaders Salary, watch them performing on the stage and if you love dancing, then start dancing at your place too with them, try to match your steps with them and enjoy the match with your friends, relatives or family.

If you are home alone, then call your friends, have something to eat and enjoy the funny moments of cricket!

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