How to use Instagram Countdown Sticker


How to use Instagram Countdown Sticker

Countdown sticker is a feature in which you can set a reminder from one day up to a year. Anyone who sees your story may be able to get a reminder. If the followers allow reminders, then they will get a notification about that event. This reminder comes in your Instagram notifications of your followers. Are you lagging on some? Then search some Buy Instagram Followers with Credit Card..

How to add this sticker to your story

Whenever you upload an Instagram story, you can click on the sticker icon and select the sticker which shows a countdown. This sticker will now be visible on your story. You can edit the dates and its colour. You can also type the name of your event in it. After you are done with the formatting, now you can tap DONE and add it on your story. You can also resize it and drag it across the screen.

How is a Countdown Sticker helpful for your business

Your business may have a few followers which you may increase by searching for the best site to buy followers. There are so many ways in which you can use this feature to promote any service, brand or product:

  1. Countdown to Broadcast time

If you are planning to have a live session on your social media, you can create this countdown sticker. In this way, your followers will be notified whenever you come live and watch you. In this way, your followers make sure they do not miss your event.

  1. Promote Launch of your Web seminar

If you want people to register for your online seminar or any course, you have to give them a deadline to register before. By a countdown sticker feature, you can actually inform your followers about the deadline to register for it. Your business may have a few followers which you may increase by searching for the Buy Instagram Comments.

  1. Inform about the launch of your brands

So you might be opening a new franchise or store and if you want to remind people about it, then a countdown sticker is a good idea to do so.

  1. Share time limited Sales and Discounts

Some brands offer sales which are for a limited time only. By a countdown sticker, you can notify your followers that time is running out and they need to hurry and rush. You might give them a warning and attract customers towards rushing to your store on an online shop and ordering right away before the discount couple expires for them.


This Countdown sticker is a valuable feature that Instagram has added to its Stories. While many are exciting to use, this can actually be used to attract attention towards your book launch, store opening, live session or a webinar. In this way, you can allow your stories to be more interactive and informative.

This sticker is beneficial only if people see your stories, so first, you need to work on that and improve your followers, if not then consider best site to buy followers.

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