The Innumerable Gains of a Perfect Research Process


The Innumerable Gains of a Perfect Research Process

The gains research brings to the services that ensure the survival of the human society are innumerable. Their impacts and outcomes are also immeasurable. Such services help in solving various problems to humanity or in improving the quality of human life. A number of subjects that are listed as being relevant to human survival include social sciences, health sciences, environmental sciences, technology, engineering, psychology, sports, law, pure sciences, finance and business.

Notably, research is part and parcel of all these subjects. According to Amanda Sparks, a copywriter at EssayMojo, says: ‘‘Research is the only tool that has shown undisputed ability to improve every subject positively. Research is able to select irrelevant and outdated information in all subjects, discard immaterial content and keep information considered important and appropriate for the future. Because of this ability, research has progressively gained importance to the lives of humans to an extent that humans can no longer do without it. Based on this premises, it is on orderly to appreciate that research is a perfect process”.

  • The Pre-designed Phase of Research

To begin with, all research activities follow a pre-designed and universally accepted procedure. It is important to enlist that the procedure of research has been in development for ages and ages. During its developmental phase, the formula of research and its tools of exploration have undergone several amendments to reach a universally accepted position. The whole process begins by the origination of a question and examination of previous works in the same topic. The questions and objectives of research are then re-examined by scholars to approve if the process is worth carrying out. If approved, focus shifts to the resources and tools of research. In the ultimate, the anthology of data, scrutiny and analysis of information and the arrival at a conclusive outcome is done. Even after this outcome is generated, a re-evaluation is still done to prove the verity of the results. The procedure is quite taxing. However, it is designed to achieve the best quality of results. The definition for such quality entails the word ‘perfect.’

  • Research Objectives or Research goals Phase

Secondly, each research process develops what is referred to as research objectives or research goals. The main goal of every research process is usually related to the question topic or the problem meant to be solved. As research is performed, concentration is made on achieving this goal. When the process ends, and the goal of the research process has been achieved, then it is only fair that we say that the process was perfect. Otherwise, it would not have achieved its goal. This point has the greatest premise of support on the fact that even when research fails to achieve a goal; it is still research that will be used to revisit the failed process in order to achieve the same goal.

  • Examples of Gains From a Perfect Research Process

Driven by the desire to eliminate the use of plastic material for insulation, McIntyre Gavin and Bayer Eben did research and ended up achieving their goal by producing what they named ‘Greensulate.’ Made from mushrooms, Greensulate is less environmentally harmful and cheaper to manufacture compared to plastic and other insulators. Similarly, a gadget dubbed as ‘GenShock’ was the outcome of research by four students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This gadget uses shocks and the principle behind shock absorbing in vehicles to generate electricity in the process of absorbing shocks. In both the research cases, the element of specificity of goal is visible. The element of procedure and achievement of the targeted objective is also visible. As long as research remains endowed with these basic qualities and is able to achieve its goal, even after a long time, then research should be considered perfect. I disagree with Griffiths claim that ‘there is no hope of doing perfect research.’ Research has so far achieved a perfect status.

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