India’s journey with online gaming : diving into casino


Entering India much later than other big countries like the US, Australia, and China, online gaming is still very much in its early stages of development in India. Despite this, online gaming in India has, over the past few years, seen exponential growth and climbed the ladder to reach second place for its number of online gamers. As a result, India’s online gaming market is predicted to grow 113% by 2025, which comprises casual games, online fantasy sports, and real-money games at online casinos.

This comes as no surprise, as India places 48th in the world for innovation and is described as a high riser thanks to its role in global value chains and innovation networks. In fact, India takes the top spot for information and communication technology services exports. This demonstrates that India is playing catch up and isn’t shy when it comes to trying new innovative technologies like online gaming.

Entering the online gaming market

Online gaming made its debut in India in the 2000s, but with poor access to devices like mobile phones and PCs, playing online games was no easy task for the country’s residents. Only in 2010, when the Indian government identified the importance of the telecommunications sector, did internet users begin to grow, thus came with it, online gamers. This is backed up by figures which show that the number of internet users rose to a whopping 560 million in 2021.

Creating a presence in the online gaming market

Not long after India entered the online gaming market it started to see a rise in Indian-themed games. One of the most popular gaming sectors in India is online casino and, due to its demand, it has made India one of the top countries in this area. This is where a lot of themed games began to be seen in an attempt to live up to the expectations of an Indian audience. Putting the traditional games blackjack and Indian rummy aside, online casinos in India also have an array of slot machines, and with games like Pearls of India and Bollywood Story, they go a long way to represent Indian culture in the online gaming industry.

Technological advancements

While online casino games claim popularity and India takes the second-place spot for its number of online gamers, it doesn’t make the cut in the top 10 list for the countries that make the most revenue from online gaming. This indicates that there is much to be done for India’s online gaming sector to grow, as it won’t just grow by 113% overnight. Most importantly, understanding how India can gain more knowledge about the gaming sector is key, as knowledge is power. This is where comparison sites like CasinoWings come into play as they gather an array of online games into one place, including online slot machines that boast bonuses and free spins, in order to educate players about their offering. By utilizing such services, gamers are able to identify what game would suit their preferences and thus lead to increase gameplay and satisfaction. This would then surely lead to growth in the online gaming industry by offering a more personalized service, something that has become instrumental in the online landscape.

This snippet of information into India’s gaming market demonstrates that while it didn’t start off as a strong country in the market, it has certainly come a long way. Yet, it still has a long way to go, and with so many options available on the market, India’s population is yet to educate themselves around what’s available.


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