5 Ways To Improve Your Gift Card Marketing


5 Ways To Improve Your Gift Card Marketing

Most of us know very well about gift cards, these are used for getting some discount on  purchasing product or a prepaid stored money value card. Sales of gift cards are steadily increased from the few years and in 2018 the gift cards will account for $160 billion in retail sales.

Approximate $1Billion purchased gift cards are never redeemed. We can see that there is a lot of profit in gift cards. You can also give gift cards as a present to your family and friends. You can simply mail them if you are far from each other.

As per data,we see that Gift card is a powerful tool to promote your brand and also help to increase customer as well as revenue. So here the question is how we can increase our business by gift cards selling?

Here are 5 proven ways for gift card marketing


  • Holidays and Event Promotions

Most of the people will buy gift cards at event and holidays. There is a very high majority of purchasing gift cards for birthdays, Christmas, and Mother’s Day. Offer cards designed for each event so that the gift-giver can more easily personalize the gift.

You will get also get sales in the month of January and February.people will love to buy gift card and give some discount by gift cards your sales will increase definitely and people will come again and again in your store for getting things in discounts.

  • Packaging and Brand Awareness

Try to represent your gift card as a gift or present like you will give it to someone. What some retailers forget that designing the card is very important from the customer perspective.

Make sure that your gift card design should be very clean and attractive which can attract customers. The packaging so memorable that the recipient of the gift will show it to friends and spread the word about your brand

It also helps you to increase your brand and give a message to your customer that your brand is best than other brands present in the market.

  • Guide with Each Gift Card

You should have to provide a guide about your gift card and mention there some questions like how to use it? Where to use it? Also, mention the st products, promotions or discounts, special events, or experiences are helpful for getting people excited about buying and redeeming the gift cards. They will definitely come to buy your gift card again.

  • Make Relations with other Brands

It is very important to make relations with other brands and if there are any of your friends then this is a golden chance for you.You can contact him and try to convince him to promote your gift card in return of that you can also promote his gift card. It is an optimal way to expand your customer network as well as to increase your e-commerce store coverage.

  • Target more female customers

As you all know that female is the head of the family or we can say that female is the financial head of the family because she decides that how much money we have to spend this month and where to spend. Some surveys show that women are more likely to buy gift cards and coupons than men.

You have to keep this thing in your mind before designing and promoting a gift card. Target female audience when you are going to promote your store online.

So these are some effective ways for gift card marketing and these strategies will also help you to scale your business.

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