What Is The Importance Of Sindoor After Marriage ?


What Is The Importance Of Sindoor ?

Indian society is a community which deeply knows and understands the importance of sindoor ( Vermilion ) and every married woman also knows how important sindoor is for them. The importance of sindoor ( Pb₃O₄ ) is understood only by those people who either believes all these rituals deeply or women who are married. So, today we are here to discuss the importance of sindoor with you.

We will cover various sections for you such as what is sindoor, what is the importance of sindoor in marriage, why woman use sindoor, what are the various types of sindoor and more.

In Indian tradition, a woman wearing sindoor ( Vermilion ) represents that she is married and she wants her husband to live long. It is the most important part of the solah shringar for women.

Before we see the actual importance of sindoor, let’s see what it is actually and how is it made.

What is Sindoor ?

Made up of a red powder vermilion, Sindoor is a applied on the parting of woman’s hair. Now, there are liquid sindoor, lipstick sindoor which is mostly fashionable full of chemicals but the actual sindoor is in form of powder which is applied in a very small amount.

Those women who are not married or unfortunately widow cannot use Sindoor ( Vermilion ) unless and until they do marriage again.

Importance of Sindoor

It is believed that if a woman applies sindoor every day, Goddess Parvarti who is wife of Lord Shiva, herself bless the couple and the husband lives a long life. This is why importance of sindoor is considered in Hindu religion at a big level because the husband is everything for a woman.

Love, respect, healthy long life these are all the wishes of a married woman for her husband and the sindoor has the power to keep this belief alive.

Not only sindoor ( Vermilion ) but other ornaments like maang tikka, mangalsutra also have their own importance in the wedding.

Types of Sindoor

Moving forward let’s checkout what are the various types of sindoor that women use. Before we check the most used brands by women for applying sindoor, we will first focus on the 3 main types of sindoor which signifies the importance of sindoor in India,

Stick Sindoor

Stick Sindoor is present in the form of lipstick who has a pointed edge. It is very easy to apply sindoor on parted hairs and it does not get smug so most women prefer to use this type of sindoor specially when they go out somewhere and in summer season.

Powder Sindoor

As mentioned above, the powder sindoor is the main form in which sindoor was sold in previous era but as now the generation is being smart, they have introduced these stick sindoor, liquid sindoor and all.

Liquid Sindoor

The liquid sindoor comes in the liquid form which is used by women when they get ready to attend some family functions such as marriages or poojas.

Top Brands of Sindoor

When it comes to doing solah shringar, every woman wants to look the best, and below are the brands whose sindoor are the most sold ones:

  • Oshea Mystic Maroon Color Liquid Sindoor

You can buy this sindoor by paying the amount of Rs 120 and in Rs 120 you will get 3 grams of sindoor which is lead and mercury free which means it does not harm your scalp.

  • Lotus Herbal Divine Dew

If you love to apply herbal sindoor then you must try out the sindoor of lotus herbal divine dew company which assures that the sindoor manufactured there are made up of herbal ingredients and they do not have any toxic ingredients which makes sure that your scalp is safe from getting side effects.

  • Jovees Water Resistant Herbal Sindoor

Jovees is a well-known brand and if you will use sindoor but yes, this sindoor are bit costly. For Rs 80 you will get only 8ml of sindoor which is quite less in quantity compared to the other brands. But on the other side, quality is far superior than others.

  • Faces Sindoor

Another a popular brand, “Faces” sells sindoor in which they use mild ingredients which are formulated and that is the secret which makes the sindoor gentle to your skin and you can easily apply this sindoor in your head.

  • Lakme Sindoor

How a woman can ignore the lakme brand when it comes to any kind of cosmetics and not only sindoor ? Importance of sindoor is one thing but when it comes to brand, woman is surely wanting the best and hence lakme has took the responsibility to full the expectations of these kinds of women who are crazy for branded products.

Wrapping Up

So, mentioned above are all the information related to the importance of sindoor. We hope you liked it. If you also feel that whatever we have mentioned related to the importance of sindoor is correct then do share it with your friends, family members and loved ones.

Marriage is a very pure thing which ties two souls into one and bind them together forever. Not even death can separate them if their love is pure and bond is strong. If you want to read more about Indian traditions, then stay tuned with us. We will be back soon with more interesting topics related to Indian culture. Till then do enjoy sharing the importance of sindoor information with your buddies.

If you are the upcoming bride, we wish you all the love and happiness for the new life which you are going to start soon and we hope that after reading this entire content you have also realised the importance of sindoor and you will explain the importance of sindoor to your younger sister also.

So, by the time they will be start dreaming about their big day, they will be already knowing that what is the importance of sindoor in India, how to wear it and what kind of sindoor are available in the market which they can have on their parted hair.

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