What’s the Importance of Mobile Number Tracker ?


What’s the Importance of Mobile Number Tracker ?

Mobile spyware has shifted from an optional luxury to a necessary safety tool for everyone. In every household, almost everyone an active cell phone including children. Although this makes communication and learning more accessible, it’s also an easy route to access unpleasant content or people with the wrong intentions.

Children predators roam the internet looking for their next prey. Gullible children can fall in their well-hearsed lies and end up in trouble. To keep them safe from such occurrences, you can reinforce the internet safety talk by adding a Cocospy app on their mobile phones.

Cocospy helps track messages, calls and all attachments, so you are aware of the virtual activities of your children or employees. As a top-rated app, it has many advantages such as ease of installation and uses without jailbreaking or rooting the target phones.

The discretion makes it one of the most desirable apps because it stays entirely in the background without interfering with the users’ activities.

Why Parents Need Mobile Number Tracker ?

Giving children mobile phones is equivalent to handing-out some freedom and responsibility. Cell phones are powerful tools and can turn out dangerous on the hands of children. Unfortunately, due to peer pressure, your child may end up being the only one without a mobile phone if you choose not to buy one.

That is where Cocospy comes in to give a worried parent some much-needed peace of mind by offering the below functionalities.

What’s the Importance of Mobile Number Tracker ?
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  • Phone Call Tracking

Cocospy gives you access to all the outgoing and incoming calls including their duration. If your child is continuously calling a particular number, you have the right to seek more information regarding the person. Find out if it’s an age mate or someone much older, what they’re talking about, and if the calls are entirely harmless. Using a phone number tracker free app, you can get a substantial amount of information regarding the contact person.

  • Geographical Tracking

You’ll always access your child’s real-time geographic location with Cocospy. Also, it gives you the location history of where they’ve been over a particular period. If your child disappears without your knowledge, you can either call them to inquire of their location or log in to your Cocospy account to access their location via GPS.

Cocospy takes geographical tracking to another level with geofencing. That is where you can set boundary limits for your child. If your child crosses the geographic boundary, you get an alert immediately from your phone.  

  • Social Media Spying

With the social media craze, your child is likely to be in most of the social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat or Viber. Luckily, you can view every activity from your Cocospy’s dashboard.

The app uploads all the messages including their attachments, social media posts, as well as video chats or audio notes. Deleted posts remain on Cocospy. The significance of social media tracking is to find out the kind of people your child is interacting with. It’ll also let you know if they are in risk of cyberbullying or they‘re bullies themselves.

  • Web History Spying

Even with parental locks in place, some sites will bypass the safety measures. Learning what your child is searching on the internet will give you the needed intel to intervene. Having the evidence will help you to caution them if they happen to be in the wrong places such as betting sites.

Why Cocospy is suitable for Parents ?

The spyware is affordable for many households. There are many payment plans to choose from depending on your needs.

If you have more than one child, Cocospy will give you access to a maximum of 25 devices while you can access a maximum of five devices from Android.

  • Importance of Spyware for Business

Considering that a work day has a limited number of hours, business owners want to reap as much productivity from their employees as possible. Spyware for business helps to monitor what the employees are doing during the work hours using the work-owned gadgets.

Most organizations no longer look too far when they want to know the type of people they’re working with. A little sneak-peek on an employee’s daily activities will let you know if the person is motivated to achieve the company’s goals or has other plans.

Cocospy flags the messages that could contain sensitive information regarding the organization. As a business person, the very last thing you want is hackers or competitors to get private information regarding your company. To keep your business safe, track the kind of information the employees pass to third parties through email.

  • Device Location

If a work phone is not within the vicinity of the working area, you can tell the location through a simple cell phone tracker app. This also gives you the geographical location of the person operating the device. In case of loss of the device, the tracker will lead you to its position via GPS.

  • Calendar Tracking

Cocospy will give you full access to employees’ calendar so that you can see what they’re up to in the coming days. That info and social media activity will help you to determine the amount of time they’re putting towards essential tasks.

  • SIM Tracking

You can track all the company owned sim cards and see any changes that are taking place including their geographical location using the Cocospy Sim Tracker. The tracker will give you access to the calls and messages that have been made using the specific card.

With a sim tracker, you can view all the data loaded on the card and can tell if there are any alterations made and the specific time the changes happened.

Why Coscospy is suitable for Business ?

Cocospy is discreet spyware that you can use on your business operations without interrupting the normal processes.

The app is legal, and you may inform the employees that there’s spyware before they get into a contract with you. They’ll, therefore, be aware of consequences if they breach the agreement.


Worried parents, cautious employers and protective family members have a legal option of accessing other devices using Cocospy. Not only does it give the much-needed peace of mind, but it’s also a measure of security for the loved ones.

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