How to Save on Leiebiler


When traveling for work or pleasure, you will probably need transportation. Suppose you are in a particular place or country for the first time. In that case, you are certainly not familiar with the public transport system. Also, using a taxi can be a costly endeavor. Renting a car is one of the best ways to get transportation.

Having a vehicle for yourself means having freedom and not depending on others. You can go wherever you want without fear of being late or ripped off by scam taxi drivers. Also, rental agencies worldwide often offer vehicles for everyone’s needs and budget. Still, people often in a hurry can make some costly mistakes. Luckily, you can avoid them by following these simple tips.

On the following page, find some guidelines on choosing a rental vehicle:

Early Booking

The most obvious way to save money on rental cars is to book in advance. The earlier you prearrange your vehicle, the more money you’ll be able to save. By booking a few weeks ahead, you can get the best deal for your rented car.

The rates depend on many factors. For example, vehicle rental rates are always the highest during the peak travel season. So if you plan a visit in that period, early vehicle booking will help you save a bunch. Also, that will ensure you actually get a vehicle for a booked date. If you make a late reservation, agencies with low inventory won’t have anything suitable to offer.

When booking early, you can pre-pay for your rented vehicle. Some companies often offer lower rates to customers who pay online or in advance. It’s easier for them to manage their inventory and meet your needs. Also, it will save you money by avoiding late or extension fees.

Shop Around

A good way to compare rates is to check travel websites and platforms specialized in car rental. If you plan on staying in one place for an extended period, try checking out several local car rental companies. Make multiple reservations with free cancellation. It’s a great way to find the best deal.

Always double-check when you run onto ‘free’ offers. These can be packages from airlines and hotels. They often sound too good to be true and hide costs that can affect your bank account pretty much.

Avoid Airport Rentals

Whenever you can, avoid renting a more expensive car than you need. Also, avoid places like airports if you’re not in a hurry. Getting in a vehicle just for yourself since you land comes in handy, especially when you’re on a business trip, so you don’t have much time to look for another rental.

But that convenience has its price – Leiebilguiden rates at airports are the highest. So when you travel for leisure or the time is not a limiting factor, you might want to look for an off-airport rental. You can save up to 50% by moving only a few miles from the airport.

Use Credit Card with Proper Insurance

If you plan to book a vehicle for your trip, make sure to check your insurance policy before you leave. If you have regular car insurance like most drivers, you’re probably covered in this case. But if you don’t, keep in mind that buying this policy at car rental companies is expensive.

Most rental companies will try to sell you additional insurance. Instead of buying it, you can reach out to your credit card company and ask if they offer extra insurance perks on their cards. Another option is to buy a policy outside the rental company.

Be Familiar with All Fees

Knowing car renting fees can also save you some money. First, check the price of the vehicle before you go. Ask about mileage and gas included, cancelation fees, etc. You might also get free upgrades and additional services when pre-paying, like more flexible travel dates and free cancellation. Here is the list of some unexpected fees.

Renting a car has many benefits, but it can cost you a lot if you do it recklessly. Some companies will gladly take advantage of your ignorance or urgency. So by planning ahead, you can save money on rental cars and avoid the added costs.


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