How to Play Solo in Spellbreak


How to Play Solo in Spellbreak

Spellbreak is a royal-style battle game that has become very popular among gaming enthusiasts. You can play it on different platforms like Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Spellbreak is not an everyday battle royale experience where all you have to do is shooting or developing mechanics. Instead, it has a deep and heavy combat system depending on magic.

This game has gained quite a lot of love from gamers because of its different gameplay style and is a free-to-play title. However, playing a solo Spellbreak match can be quite challenging. But there are many interesting hacks available that can make your gaming experience even better. You can check them out at .

Take a look at this guide that gives a few tips and tricks to win in a solo battle royale Spellbreak.

  • Know-How to Get into the Solo Mode

There are three modes available to choose from: solo, duo, and squad. If you want to play Solo in Spellbreak, all you have to do is go to the lobby, choose the game mode menu, and specify that you wish to play Solo.

  • Movement for Battle in Spellbreak

We don’t have many choices when it is about defense in Spellbreak. Thus, it is not really possible to simply create a character that can use a fireball right to the face many times. Most of the time, the single option the player will have for defense is not getting exposed to hit in the first place.

Movement performs a very significant role in Spellbreak. Players who constantly stay on the move, reposition, and are ready to cover intelligently get many rewards in this game.


  • Mix your gauntlets and match them depending on whether it is a squad or solo

All the elemental gauntlets in Spellbreak come with their individual strengths and weaknesses. The mixture of gauntlets a gamer uses in a squad might not be the most suitable one for a solo match.

Thus, while playing solo matches, you can choose to go for the fire or lightning gauntlets for the main slot. One should go for a gauntlet that makes them feel content and comfortable using it independently, irrespective of the distance between the gamer and the enemy.

  • Positioning for Battle in Spellbreak

Positioning is the best way of overcoming Spellbreak fights more than aiming and tracking. It is crucial for every player to learn how to use the cover in a proper way at a very early stage.

The locations where the fight takes place will always matter in the game. Thus, make sure that these three things are always fulfilled in case of the location: flanking, cover, and high ground.

  • Flanking

In the game of Spellbreak, Flanking usually refers to the enemy battlemage. The primary goal of any player in the fights is to go to the enemy’s side without making them aware of the move. Moreover, flanking always clears a window where one can fire all the spells to attack the enemy, and the opponent will not even get a chance to fire back.

  • Cover

The cover is something that protects you from an opponent’s attacks. If one chooses to be behind the cover, it can make an enemy’s attempt at a full-on attack fail. Moreover, one can make use of the cover to get around the enemy for a flanking movement. But one has to be careful as there are many gamers who will find a way to throw you out.

  • High Ground

It is always good to have a high ground in Spellbreak as it will allow you to kill the enemies with accurate spells from far away. Thus, the enemy gets very little time to attack back as they have to focus on getting into cover to keep themselves safe.


Fights in Spellbreak can become slightly tricky. However, if you keep practicing the game, you can surely win. Hopefully, this guide has helped you finish the solo gameplay well. Stay connected if you want to come across such content. Also, comment below in case of any queries. 


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