How to Make Money with Sponsored Posts ?


How To Make Money With Sponsored Posts ?

Are you tired of making small amount of money via ads and affiliation ? Do you want to hit big ? Are you ready to wait the time it is going to take ? Well, if you can do all the three mentioned then this particular article on How to Make Money with Sponsored Posts is for you.

The most common way to get paid that we know is via AdSense, or propeller, some might even go for affiliated posts. Well, none of them fills your wallet a huge amount in a go. They take time and pay on the basis of pay-per-click and the impression that you make and it might even happen that you need to wait for more than a month to get paid for the money you earned today. All these things just add up to frustration and at times to lack of motivation. Things might even get worse when the company delays the payment and doesn’t let you have anything at the end. Yes, you heard me right, cases like this have come across our site. This is why I consider this article on How to make money with sponsored posts a vital one for all the bloggers out there.

Getting sponsored posts for your blog might be a tough situation for newbies and even for some pro bloggers. Companies looks into a number of factors before finalising you as their next marketing strategy and it does involve a lot of formal procedure. The worst part comes when you know nothing about it and the companies make sure to get the best out of you at a lower price. Well, it isn’t just about self-esteem but also about making your stand whenever it is needed.

For the ones who doesn’t know what sponsored posts are actually ? It is basically a post or a review on a particular product or service of a company who will be paying you for the promoting it. The best thing of sponsor post is you get paid beforehand to create an impact on your audience and you get paid well. But getting a sponsored post isn’t that easy. Therefore, here we are to help you out with the tactics to get the best out of the sponsor for your blogs. Don’t miss out on it if you are blogger, because this will be the last thing you want to miss out on.

Make it a Tinder Match Situation

If you look out for a company which will benefit you and in return you won’t be offering anything good, then it is surely a bad scenario. No one likes to be cheated and no one likes to be played. Therefore, this is your shot; find out companies which will fit right in your arena and make the thing happen. Like if you are a fashion blogger, then you can always go for accessory companies. Find what the company wants and find the right company and then Super Like the company and be on the catch! That’s how you begin getting sponsored.

Another point to keep in mind, whenever we think of sponsorship we think of big budgets by some big companies. Well, this situation might be the wrong one as a starter. You can always approach small companies as they may revert you faster as compared to other big companies and things might move fast. It is always advisable to work harder to earn bigger. Sitting back on couch waiting for the right opportunity is no more the way to success today.

Just in case, if you fail to find a company by yourself. You might approach different sites like PayPerPost, Corperatize, Sponsored Reviews and Tomoson to be your middleman and get the best sponsoring company. This will help you cut down your work a lot but will also cut your profits.

How much you can charge for post ?

This is one of the most asked questions that we get throughout the year. Well, there are certain metrics that the company follows while hiring bloggers for sponsored post and the one mistake that bloggers make is not meeting the criteria and boasting around in air. Take it from experience, it always work when you have something written than something verbal. Take out your performance data and show it to the companies you want to get paid from. Metrics like your per day view, total impression on ads made by you, which country your traffic is mostly from and others make the most of the different. This is one way to move forward.

However, if you are okay with than you can always create a mediakit on your site, providing the measure information about your site and giving reasons why the company should hire your site as their marketing partner.

Should You Disclose the Post or Not ?

With money comes responsibility and when someone doesn’t take care of their responsibility properly, they fall in trouble. One of the major issue that bloggers miss out on is whether to disclose it is a sponsored post or not. Disclosing it is a major part of the deal in various countries. Like in U.S., it is mandatory for the bloggers to disclose which one is a sponsored post and which one is not. With this there comes transparency between you and your viewers which in turn creates a major good faith relation for all.

These are some of the major things to keep in mind while dealing with stuffs like this. Getting sponsoring posts won’t be a big deal if you get viewers in a large number. You just got to grab the opportunity when its knocking at your door.

That’s all for today, in case if you still face any problem regarding ‘How to Make Money with Sponsored Posts?’ than feel free to mail us or you can even ping it down below in the comment section. We will reach to you as soon as possible with the perfect answer just like the perfect tinder match.

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