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The English language was first spoken in England and by the 21st century, it has become the leading language. It is a fun language that is spoken almost in half of the globe. It is also considered very easy to learn. No doubt that learning any language can be very complex. Yes, you cannot learn it in a day or that fastly, but I am sure that if you have the right strategy to learn then it will not take much longer for you to make a command over it. We have written this article for those who often search for “How to learn English”?

Here we bring all the tips and tricks that answer the query “How to learn English”?

1.Reading-Practice makes a man perfect. This phase truly holds if you want to learn something or basically any language be it English. When you start reading you start learning the basics and then you start speaking. Also, when you read you start using the complex words and then grasp the way to speak. Thus, lots of reading is required. The more one reads the more brain understands how the language works. Also, reading improves one’s vocabulary, grammar, as well as writing skills simultaneously at the same time. Now the question arises what to read? So, reading classic literature, papers, newspapers, websites, emails, social media posts or feeds helps a great deal to learn English. It is seen that when you go for reading these then your mind will be full of more and more vocabulary, grammar thus improving your English and the addition of more knowledge.

2.Taking note of new vocabulary-We often see people using a word or phrase frequently. Or even we do that. Don’t we? It’s also seen that not all the words and phrases stay in our minds. So, for this making note of new words and phrases is very important. This not only helps to remember those words and phrases but also adds to your vocabulary, saves your time. So have a habit of carrying your notebook. Take notes of the new words along with their meaning.

3.Talking-If you think then what is the use of a language. The answer to this is communication obviously. Remember communication or talking is the key to learn any language be it English. Humans have a great tendency to learn. Also, these days it is clearly seen that they can also communicate without speaking. This is done by social media chats like WhatsApp etc. So, taking is one of the best answers to the question “How to learn English”?

5.Watching English movies-This is another best answer to the question “How to learn English”? This is because when you watch English movies you can understand spoken English fully. By listening to certain words and their pronunciation helps to memorize them fast and for a longer period too. Speaking is important do doubt but hearing is equally important.

6.Subscribing to YouTube podcasts-Start covering every interesting topic of yours be it related to cooking, blogging, politics, hacks, etc in English. There are end numbers of English-speaking YouTube or podcasts for any individual. One of the best ways to do this is that you can subscribe to it and then you need to just listen to it in your leisure time. You may find speaking and learning difficulties at the very beginning but then just stick to it and gradually you will see the difference.

7.Go to English county-It is the best part. This is because what is better than being immersed in it while living and simultaneously studying in an English-speaking country. Since English is a widely spoken language in the whole world. Thus, this is now going to English country answers the query “How to learn English”?

8.Make your friends speak English-In this there lie two options either you make new friends that speak English or ask your friends to speak English. Watch out for videos with them or ask for having general day-to-day communication in English only. This will turn gradually into a habit and thus in the long run enhancing your English speaking. Thus, you must have got some glance about how making friends answers your query “How to learn English”?

7.Ask Queries-There is nothing bad if you are curious about stuff. In fact, curiosity makes you learn more and more. When you begin learning English then start asking basic questions from the very beginning itself. Keeping your doubts beneath your mind never going to help you. So yes, ask questions. Also resolving your doubts from the very beginning makes your command on grammar as well as vocabulary. So, this may slow down the learning process for some time but yes what’s better learning wholeheartedly or just learning for the sake of learning? Thus, now you must have got some clue on “How to learn English”? by asking questions and resolving your queries.

8.Learn from personalities-Choosing your actor or any such personality is also one of the ways that help in “How to learn English”? So go and choose English speaking personality to be it actor, singer, reporter, etc. Now the thing is where to start from. So, guys there is nothing like staring point. Watch their interviews, songs, etc. This helps you a great way because when you listen to some Xyz person you note certain words (in mind or your notepad) and then use them accordingly while having a conversation. So, this way uses your phone wisely use it for learning.

9.Don’t think yourself to be down-This is one of the very crucial points for the ones who are worried about “How to learn English”? It is often seen in research that at one point in time or the other individuals start giving up. These negative feelings of them I do not, I can’t, I will never help. One should be motivated enough if one seriously wants to learn. What you can do is that ban these negative thoughts or phrases from your dictionary. This is because they blur your understanding of your progress chat and thus stops one from sticking to work, also they indeed inculcate negative and flawed emotions in oneself thus demotivating them. Remember that no one learns in a day and the miracles do not happen over a night. So have patience and believe that yes you can do it.

Now, let us answer a few questions one by one: –

1.) How to learn English?

Learning English is very simple and crucial these days. This can be done by various of the below-suggested methods or ways as mentioned below: –

a) Watching English movies

b) Talk with your friends in English

c) Watch English interviews

d) write summaries of what you see in English.

e) Read stuff for your interest

f) Change your phone language

2.) What are the basic things you need to learn to learn English?

To learn English properly one should focus on learning vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and writing. So just pay attention to these to have a good command of English.

3.) How can I learn English every day?

Some of the below-mentioned steps might help:

• Listen to the podcast

• Play English games

• Follow English news

• Get yourself in a habit of writing daily pieces of stuff in English

• Read good books

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