How To Install Drivers


How To Install Drivers

There are many ways for installing a driver software in Windows Operating System and today we are going to discuss the two most common and easiest way of doing so. The first one is downloading an executable file or a zip file for the driver and the second one is by using the Windows’ Device Manager.

Let’s first go through the easy way, that is installing the executable file and installing it. To install a Windows driver all you have to do is download the driver file. Now, to download the driver software all you have to do is open your Browser Application (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Fire Fox, etc.) and Google the driver that you want to install. Either it (the driver software) will be an executable file (.exe) or it will be a zip file (.zip). If it is an executable file, just double click on it and simply install the driver. And if it is a zip file, then extract that file and look for ‘Setup.exe” and install the ‘Setup.exe’. in some case you won’t find the ‘Setup.exe’ file then what you have to do is, follow the second method of installing the device driver and that is, using the ‘Device Manager’.

Now, how to do this? First, go to Control Panel, look for ‘Device Manager’ and open it. Here you will find a list of all the devices that you are currently using. Now, look for the device whose driver you are trying to install and right-click on its name. now, choose the ‘Update Driver Software’ option from here. The update window for that driver will appear, in this window choose the ‘Browse my computer driver software. Now click on ‘Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer’ option. Then click on ‘Hard Disk’ button. Now, another window (dialog box) will appear, in this window click on the ‘Browse’ button and select the .inf driver file. You have successfully installed you the driver software.

Remember installing a driver software via an executable file is quite the same as installing any other software (or even installing a game), if you have ever installed one; which you might have done at numerous occasions. A wizard will pop up or open and it will navigate you through the installation process and you will find it quite simple to install it yourself. And you will be surprised to see that, actually how simple it is. And some manufacturers even provide a dedicated application software for this purpose so you don’t have to do anything other just launching the program and it will automatically install/update your driver softwares.

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