How to Get Sponsored Post for your Blog ?


How to Get Sponsored Post for your Blog ?

Getting paid for just ads is kind of the old style nowadays. The tech has moved forward along with the world and all the bloggers have to do the same without any hesitation. As per the mails received, here we are with pro tips on how to get sponsored posts for the blogs. Well, you might be a good blogger but there is something that you need to learn which is negotiating like a pro and it’s just not negotiating, its way more than that which we will be discussing right now.

The topic ‘ How to get sponsored post for blogs ? ’ has literally filled my mails like anything and if we will not cover it now, then a lot of people will be after us with weapons. There are stuffs that you need to keep in your mind while negotiating a deal. You can’t just go out without a proper offer and without making it a win-win situation for the investor.

A sponsored post is basically a post for which company is ready to pay as you will be promoting a particular product or service of that company. However, it can take the shape of any media form like a video on YouTube or a photo on Instagram or a blog on your website. You can get paid thousands of dollars for each sponsored post if you have good number of visitors because that’s what the companies are ready to offer.

Follow the points mentioned below properly to make sure you don’t make any idiotic error at the end.

Ways to get Sponsored Posts for your Blog

Here are some key factor that you need to keep in your mind while making a deal.

Presentation – One of the key factor to success is presentation. Well, the presentation here that we are talking about isn’t your dressing style but the style of your blogpost or your Instagram handle or your YouTube content. The presentation should be kept so enticing that it should not only attract new visitors but also charm the investor.

Always remember, finding out an investor isn’t a tough job; cracking the deal with that person at a fair price is the main thing that most of the people fail. We will be providing sites to a bunch of investors where you can pitch your blogsite and might turn up to get new investors who are ready to pay you dollars.

Wait for the Right Opportunity – Just reading posts on ‘ How to get sponsored posts for blogs ’ won’t fetch you real investors. In order to get the right investor, you need to be patient and take only the right value for your blog site. There will be a bunch of investors who will be ready to buy space on your site but at a low cost. Listen! No one became rich in one fortnight. Give time to yourself, wait for the right investor and play big. Giving space to random people will just fill up your existing space and will make you look filled up in front of rich investors. It might sound a slow way to earn but this is the only way to go long and high up.

Post it up on your site – It might appear to companies that you aren’t willing to take up sponsor post at the current point of time in order to maintain good quality. Well, trust me, this will be the last thing that you want to happen to you. Therefore, the best solution out of it to put up the ad that you will be accepting sponsor posts for quality product will beneficial for your viewers. In this way, you make sure provide content and that you don’t end up hurting your viewers too.

Factual Data – The best prove of your work to carry along with you is the factual data that you have made from years of blogging. Pick it up, make a list of it and shower it like never before. Suppose, a guy comes up with some verbal numbers of visitors and another guy comes up with analytical prove of it. Who is going to make more impact? It is obviously the guy with the analytical prove and this guy is the one you want to be. No matter what, always try to be on the safer side to make a better deal than others. If you provide the data at the first go, the process won’t just accelerate but will surely fetch you a better relationship with the company and who doesn’t want to deal in good faith for a longer period of time.

Make a list – Getting sponsors isn’t a big thing to deal with but getting it from few particular companies might be hard at times. This is where you have to make a list of the company that will fit into your blog perfectly and will help you earn good. Basically, you need to list down the names of the companies that is best for you and your viewers and whenever the time comes they should be your first priority.

Referrals – It is always advisable to have friends around you who are dealing in the same field. It will not only help you grow but might also help you get paid. Just like the letter of recommendation, referrals in the world of blogging has have helped a lot of bloggers to get paid right for their work. You might not be visible to the companies at first but with the help of your friend, things might get easier for you.

Well, there are more to it which will never end and will continue as we add more and more point to it. However, the 6 points mentioned above on ways to get sponsored posts for blogs is the best that you can get and the best that you should work hard on. Just the way I create a win-win situation for us, you got to create one for your company and your site.

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