How To Celebrate Diwali In India


How To Celebrate Diwali In India

The tradition behind the celebration of Diwali had different histories. It is said that Diwali is the day when Lord Ram came back to Ayodhya with his wife Sita, brother and hanuman after killing Ravan. While some people says that Diwali is the day when Pandavas came back to their nation after 13 years of refugee and hiding. It also said that Diwali is the night when Lord Vishnu and Lord Lakshmi got married. It is the day to remember that good always overcome over evil.

How To Celebrate Diwali In India

Mentioned below are the explanation of what does each day mean in India and how people celebrates all 5 days :

 Starting with Dhanteras (Day of Fortune) in evening everyone worships goddess Lakshmi with milk and flowers. It is believed that on Dhanteras it is very good to buy either a gold ornaments or small piece of gold. After that people used to worship the gold or silver coin with milk, flower and sweet. It is also called as shopping day.

2nd Day as a Naraka Chaturdashi (Day of Knowledge) – As per the traditional story it is said that, this is the day when Lord Krishna killing the demon Narkasura and rescuing 16,000 captive princesses, later to protect the princess, lord Krishna married with all 16,000 princesses.  This story shows that one should always take care of their dear ones and should always protect them. Rice is used to make rangoli patterns on or before the day.

3rd Day as a Diwali (Day of lights) – It is that last day as per the Hindu year in many regions, so businesses close old account. On this day Lord Krishna returned to Ayodhya with wife, brother and Hanuman after killing Ravan. So, on their welcome everyone has decorated with colorful lights, rangoli and has enjoyed with ritual of Diwali and bursting of crackers with family. Also people wish each other by sending beautiful Happy Diwali Images on WhatsApp and Facebook. On this day at the eastern region of India, it is celebrated a s a victory of Lord Kali over demon.

4th Day as an Annakut (New Year) – On this day devotees circumambulate the hill and offer food to the mountain. It is the oldest rituals in Braj.  The mountain of food is a symbolic of Govardhan hill. As per the mythological story Krishna lifted the mountain to protect the villagers from the flood caused by revengeful Lord Indra. While in western region of India it is also celebrated as New year, people share good wishes with everyone and people on this day wear new clothes, visit temples and then they visit close ones place with sweets. People on this day like to celebrate with family and friends and the end with bursting of crackers.

5th Day as a Bhai Duj (Love between siblings) – This is the day when brother visits the place of married sister’s and ensure them this, he is always there to protect his sisters. It shows love and care between the brother and sister by exchanging gifts and sweets.

If you are planning in Diwali then few things you should know before you plan for Diwali. Book the tickets, hotels in advance. During Diwali everyone is having holiday, so people plan for some trips with family and friends, so it gets very difficult to get the tickets and other services on that time. So it is very important to per book the tickets according to the planning.

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