How Rummy Games Can Test Your Brain


How Rummy Games Can Test Your Brain

Games have always been considered a way of entertainment. Whether they were the outdoor games that kids and adults enjoyed in the pre-pandemic phase or the online mode of gaming in the times of COVID-19, they have always played a significant role in stress-relieving the people around them. Today, online gaming has come a long way in entertaining people. Still, there are games like online rummy that not only take away your boredom but also put your brain to the tests, thereby enhancing their ability to think effectively.

India Today mentioned rummy as one of the games that influence the cognitive abilities of gamers, especially the analytical skills and thought process. It is a skill-based game wherein players have to think and according to the situations that arise. While you play the game, you come across problems to brainstorm to find ways to escape from being trapped. In doing so, gamers start developing the skills and their abilities to make effective situation-driven decisions.

Whether you play rummy online or offline, the inculcation of observation and analytical skills is certain. Rummy is all about observing, thinking, and acting accordingly. Let’s take a look into the situations that may arise when you play the game and how to incorporate these individual traits in you.

The Opponent Tricks

In the rummy game, there are times when you find yourself trapped by the opponent so poorly that it becomes difficult to escape. In fact, when it starts happening too frequently, you should know it’s time to work on your skills. The first thing to be done is to observe the tricks that they commonly use. Make a note of the same. Storm your brain and find out the best tricks that your opponent couldn’t think of.

This was, you are likely to come up with something unique that would leave your rivals poorly trapped. While trying to figure out the common tricks used by your opponents, you have to focus on each and every move of the other party and observe things minutely. This, in turn, betters your observation skills. Secondly, when you watch and figure out the tricks, you analyze the same to find out the moves you need to take. Thirdly, you make a decision.

The Absence of Jokers

Jokers might seem to be an ineffective card, but you need to know that it is one of the most significant ones in the set. In the rummy game, you have to build sets and sequences minutely to ensure that you appear as a winner. There are two kinds of sequences that you can make – pure and impure sequences. While a pure sequence is formed with all relevant cards of one suit, the impure sequence is built using a joker if any of the cards from the suit is missing.

When you do not receive a joker, your complete focus should be on making pure sequences. To achieve this, you aim at observing which cards your opponents are discarding. This will give you an idea of which suit you should target based on what is available to you and what you need to sort for. Thus, once you understand and start focusing on those cards when you know you don’t have a joker as a wildcard, you are utilizing your skills properly. Even if you lose for once, you will learn how to go about things when you get stuck in such a situation.

The Unwanted Hand

Well, when you do not have a joker, you at least have a few cards that can help you proceed with a positive thought. In the absence of a joker, you try to gather cards from the suit you think would be easier for you to collect to build a sequence. The most challenging situation arises in the rummy game when you have a bad hand to start with. While most of the time, it is recommended to players to not hold on to such cards and drop the game.

However, if you think of giving it a try despite having negligible chances of a win, you can still continue and try to build the sequences from the suits your opponents are not targeting. This might increase your chances of a victory. In this process, you observe, analyze, and remember the moves and cards your opponents are trying to get rid of. The most important thing that you will find yourself doing is making a tough decision. Yes, to not drop out of the game and continue to play, which is really commendable.

Rummy tests your brain & helps you adopt real-life traits.

As already stated above, playing rummy doesn’t only refresh your mind but also help you acquire various skills. When incorporated into your personality, these skills help you as a gamer and as an individual in your personal and professional life. From enhanced observation skills to improved concentration, each and everything adds to the already existing traits of yours. If you think you are absent-minded, start playing rummy and see how it influences your memory in all positive ways.

Above everything else, it inculcates decision-making capabilities in you that make you counted as an ideal leader wherever you go. Even in the worst situations of life, you will remain capable of making tough decisions to escape from the worst. In addition to this, you will see anything going around you logically to make sure you come up with the most suitable solutions to those problems. Last but not least, you will be a quick thinker.

Final Thoughts

In this COVID-19 pandemic phase, if you feel stuck mentally, start your rummy sessions today. This skill-based game would be a therapy for you and help you keep your mind working, thereby influencing your character in all positive ways. Multiple online gaming platforms offer rummy games. You just need to choose one and register to start playing today. Go for it!!!

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