Lets Talk About How IPL Teams Makes Money ?


How IPL Teams Makes Money ?

Games, fame sports are loved by all and huge crowds gather where the outdoor games are played, especially in India the sport culture has flourished with time. So, are you an IPL fan and really curious about How IPL Teams Makes Money ? If the answer is yes then you have landed at the right place.

How IPL Teams Makes Money in Hindi

Even government of India also take initiative steps to engage citizens, children into the sport. In India, cricket is known as the fame sport, over the years immense growth of every sport happen that’s why the culture is so diverse. Even the people are considering sports as a profession and not just as a childhood passion.

Even the sportsman getting paid appreciably. If we talk of India and its vibrant culture then definitely sports, art, music, theatre cannot be forgotten because profound personality has immersed from these eminent professions who has made history by their efforts in their field.

So, do you want to also know How IPL Teams Makes Money ? Here you will find all details related to it, but before we proceed and see that How IPL Teams Makes Money, let us dig into the history of sports in India.

Back to History

  • In the history of India, hockey is termed as the national sport of India however, cricket is famous among citizens. Many international sports events such as- Olympics, commonwealth games, Asian games, national games have won by Indians in various sports.
  • Although the sport cricket was introduced by the Europeans in India but now the scenario has changed, now Indian players are equally active in their sport.
  • In India the first cricket club was established in Calcutta in 1792 and by the time many cricket clubs emerged.

About IPL series

Cricket has been a renowned activity across the world, the fortune of cricketers has changed from 2008 when IPL, Indian premier league started.

How IPL Teams Makes Money
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Few merits coined for this series of matches are as follows:

  • This becomes the golden opportunity for the newcomers in cricket to showcase their talent globally.
  • Also, IPL is taken to be the player’s pressure handling capacity.
  • And it is not hidden that players get plethora of money by playing in this tournament. Winning team gets a big amount and with this you can imagine How IPL Teams Makes Money.
  • A great encouragement to Indian cricket by gaining popularity across the globe
  • Team spirit is boosted and players across globe know each other’s speciality deeply
  • A great source of entertainment during summers for cricket fans

There are always 2 sides of a coin and therefore need to look on the demerits of this IPL series in India, which are as follows:

  • It is seen that, IPL had become only a source of entertainment and not serious game is played on the pitch.
  • Too many IPL matches, chances of getting injured and stressed is more.
  • People get bored to see matches everyday
  • Now Test matches are reduced because of new tournaments
  • Every cricket player can understand the trick of his team mate who could be a opponent when representing the national side. The player can share the information with his national side and could completely take away the x-factor of the game
  • Seen more as a gambling game by big businessman and traders. That’s the reason the pure sport gets defamed.

Despite, demerits the spirit of citizen of India is very high and they consider cricket matches as pure as 24 carat gold. High interest in this game by Indians inspire international players to play and earn in India by these kinds of tournaments.

How IPL Teams Makes Money

The question arises many a times in mind whether it is a gambling or a pure sport is played, or how these IPL teams who put plethora of money at stake and still earn few by not winning the series, how they recover their losses if they lose? Or what percentage of share the wining team gets? Well! Here are the answers:

This IPL season in 2019 is 12th season, administered by BCCI. When the largest democracy in the world is made for cricket then investors have a chance to invest in that sport. In the games like Pro-kabaddi, ISL, IPL money goes from one party to another in an entire season.

  • The government company BCCI earn money by giving franchisee rights to the owner of the teams, and own the team for 10 years provided the full amount to be paid to BCCI within a fixed period.
  • Next, the BCCI sells the broadcasting rights of the tournament to a channel, So the franchise amount and the money generated through selling the broadcasting rights are the main source of income for BCCI.
  • For the channel, the only way of earning is by showing ads and this is one of the biggest ways of How IPL Teams Makes Money ?

Apart from this some other ways through How IPL Teams Makes Money are as follows:

  • Marketing Benefits

By doing TV adds the advertisement company gives money to the owner team.

  • Local Revenue

All small kind of earning comes in this category such as:

  • Ticket selling : amount is distributed b/w playing teams and IPL organisers
  • Local sponsors: if team is locally popular it attracts more sponsors
  • Prize money
  • Central Revenue

Major source of revenue in this tournament,

Broadcasting Right

In add breaks the company purchases the time slot for their product and pay huge amounts and thus TV channels also earn through this.

Sponsorship Right

Title sponsorship is major source of earning, EX: from 2018-2022 IPL is sponsored by vivo as vivo IPL, BCCI find the sponsor through bidding process.

Also, many sponsors pay huge amount to focus on their logo in T-shirts, Bat, stadium, stumps, boundary lines etc.

The teams try to play maximum number of matches so that more revenue could be generated and popularity could be gained to attract more and more sponsor for their benefit. The winning team gets 15crore and runner up teams get 10crore which gets distributed among franchises and players.

The IPL have come out as the richest league in the world, and in this way the whole IPL business works in an ethical way following regulations. So, we hope that you now know that How IPL Teams Makes Money and you have got all your answers.

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