How Can I Compete At Class 6 IMO Exam


If you are aiming to compete in the Class 6 IMO exam, you must make your preparation strategically. Here, we will share some tips which will be able to help you in this regard.

Some Tips Which Will Be Able To Help Compete In The International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)

First of all, you must get a hold of the syllabus for the examination and work your way through the materials prescribed for this examination. To succeed in competitive exams, one must prepare systematically from a syllabus prescribed by the examination body. Check out the IMO Sample Paper 1 Class 6.

Secondly, you should know the types of questions set in such exams. Through this, you can decide on which type of question you will prepare for and also work on your weaker sections. Also, you should ensure that you take special classes where the best teachers teach so that they guide and train students to excel in these examinations.

Thirdly, it is important to assess your current level and select the modules in which you will focus on doing well in the upcoming examination. Also, you should start preparing for this exam as soon as possible. This will enable you to do well in the upcoming exam without any hurdles.

Lastly, you must keep yourself updated with the latest information, about the syllabus for this examination and also about what will be set out in these exams. Also, you must gather all the relevant material about these exams so that you can do well at them.

Tips To Clear Class 6 The International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) Exam

So, the exam is just a month away and you are yet to start preparing for it? Fret not we have got you covered. Here we present to you an overview of the syllabus and some helpful tips that would come in handy during your preparation:

1) Conduct thorough research on the subject matter. Do not confuse it with cramming as the former requires comprehending and remembering while the latter leads to forgetfulness. Remember, passing only depends on how much you’ve learned from your study.

2) Make yourself familiar with the format of the exam. Be it the number of questions or timing, don’t let it surprise you on the day of the exam.

3) Ensure to practice all types of questions asked in the exam. It includes demonstrations also. Go through old papers and attempt them to know your strength and weakness.

4) Start your preparations early. It’s always recommended to start the process of preparation two months before the exam date.

Some Suggestions From The Students Who Have Cleared The International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) Exam

We have asked some of the students who have already cleared their exams to share some tips that you can practice during your preparation. Here are some helpful suggestions:

  • Assess yourself by practicing on previous papers that you have attempted earlier. This exercise aims to figure out what you are best at and what area you need to work more on.
  • Give yourself a break. While we suggest practicing at least 100 questions per day, no one can do this. So relax and mark the time during which you start doing this as your break.
  • Take your time to answer questions. Don’t rush through them but make sure you give yourself ample time to answer each question.
  • Review: There’s no need to cram for it, but don’t stop reviewing after completing one practice paper. Go on and review the areas that you need to revise and continue doing so till the day of your exam.
  • Don’t get disheartened if you don’t get good marks in the beginning. It’s only natural to not score well in the beginning but it’s all about how much you can learn from your mistakes and how hard you work that matters.
  • Be courageous: You need to be brave enough to admit your mistakes and then correct them. The courage to own up to your mistakes and move on is what matters.
  • Keep a tab on your diet: Studies have proven that a good diet and sleep pattern can increase concentration and retention of information. Remember, you need to be in your best form to score well.
  • Focus: This is very much required when it comes to clearing the exam. You know the subject matter better than anyone else does, so taking it lightly can lead to disaster. Be focused and clear your exam easily.
  • Be relaxed: You are well aware of the possibility of being tense during your exam so take it easy. This will help you to concentrate better and therefore score more effectively.
  • Relaxed breathing is also known to help boost concentration. Try this simple strategy every day, especially before the exam date.
  • Be able to analyze situations: When you practice paper after paper, your practice will become more stable and next time around you will be able to tackle the exam questions with ease.
  • Don’t cheat: It’s not only illegal but also harmful to your career. Cheating during exams can take you back to square one. Try to understand the concept well and then prepare accordingly.
  • Be systematic in your study: Keep a study diary so that you can be able to track your progress. You can also go through these notes after you’ve scored well so that you keep learning the subject better.
  • Practice makes perfect: The more you practice, the better you will get at it. It’s a known fact that practice makes perfect. So continue practicing and do not get discouraged if you don’t get good marks in the early stages of your preparation.
  • Practice with a systematic approach and don’t get confused with all the information thrown at you during your preparation.


Excel in your exams by remembering to take breaks between them. When you take breaks, it helps boost concentration levels and keep you alert for any supplementary exercises or practice questions that may be asked at the end of an exam session.


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